Where Do Endocrine Acne Usually Grow? Idea

Where Do Endocrine Acne Usually Grow?

In the past time Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Received a lot of questions related to the problem of endocrine acne. Today, we would like to summarize some knowledge about where hormonal acne often grows, its causes and how to treat it to help you fully answer your questions.

The safest way to treat hormonal acne
Endocrine acne: Causes and effective remedies

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Question 1: Where does hormonal acne usually grow?

Hormonal acne will usually first appear around the mouth, chin, jawline and then spread all over the face. According to the Miss Tram - Natural Beauty CenterThis type of acne is extremely difficult to treat because the risk of leaving a concave scar on the face is very high. (Reference: What to eat with endocrine acne?? - Listen to share from insiders).

Question 2: What causes hormonal acne?

Hormonal acne is caused by sudden changes in hormones in the body such as stress, stress or an imbalance of excessive androgens. When that happens, your skin will produce more oil and sebum, which can clog pores. The more oil on the face, the easier it is to make the skin clogged with dirt along with dead cells that clog pores, causing hormonal acne. Therefore, if you do not clean your skin every day, it will make acne prone to redness, inflammation, cap and spread to other skin areas.

Where do hormonal acne usually grow?
Endocrine acne comes from what factors?

Some of the symptoms of hormonal acne are:

  • Appearance of white pustules and cystic acne
  • Acne without nuclei, larger and deeper than acne mụn
  • Unable to control the amount of oil on the skin despite cleaning the skin very often.

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Question 3: How to treat hormonal acne?

To be treated endocrine acne The first thing you need to do is to keep your face clean. Washing your face is the simplest and fastest way to clean your skin at home you should try. However, not all facial cleansers are suitable for your skin, especially damaged skin. It's best to choose an alkaline-free, gentle cleanser or buy a facial cleanser prescribed by a doctor. Another note is that cleansers for acne skin must have a low pH, no foaming and no particles because these factors will make the skin more vulnerable.

How to treat hormonal acne safely
Regularly wash your face to help limit hormonal acne effectively

In addition, you need to have a reasonable diet to be both healthy and beneficial for the acne skin care process. Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center recommends that when you are suffering from hormonal acne, you should abstain from eating sugar and dairy products, because it will easily make acne pus and redness worse. Especially sugary foods such as white rice, potatoes, cakes, candy, soda, greasy foods should also be cut. Instead, you should add more green vegetables, fruits, and grains in your daily menu to supplement nutrients and vitamins to help your skin become fresher even if you have acne.

Question 4: Is there any hormonal acne treatment at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center?

The answer is “Yes”. Agree that natural remedies are effective, but we have to be very patient and not sure about the root treatment. In order to treat hormonal acne safely and thoroughly, it is necessary to have a long and comprehensive process from solving the cause of acne and ensuring the effectiveness after implementation. And Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center can completely help you to completely treat hormonal acne, regain the perfect skin as desired.

Safe and reputable endocrine acne treatment spa in Ho Chi Minh City
Safe and reputable endocrine acne treatment spa in Ho Chi Minh City

The treatment of hormonal acne is really not difficult, it is just that you do not understand acne and have not found an appropriate treatment method. So let hãy Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Take care and cherish your skin, so that you become more beautiful in the eyes of others. (Tutorial How to get spa-standard acne recommended by many experts).

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