Acne Hidden Under The Skin Should Self-Compassion Or Not Research

Acne hidden under the skin should be self-absorbed or not

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The safest way to treat acne hidden under the skin
Acne hidden under the skin? The cause and the safest treatment

Don't just see acne I will find a way to squeeze them out, especially for hidden acne. Because treating them in your own way is easy to make the skin condition worse:

Homemade acne tools are not necessarily sterilized and hygienic. Meanwhile, at a professional Spa, the process of squeezing acne is very STRONG. Technicians MUST use sterilized tools and wear gloves to prevent bacteria from entering the skin.

The habit of squeezing acne with your hands accidentally opens the way for bacteria to penetrate, making acne easily spread to neighboring skin areas because you don't know that there are about 150 different types of bacteria on each normal hand.

VSelf-squeezing acne without technique and expertise will affect the skin structure, deeply damage the skin cells and we will not be sure that the acne kernel has been completely removed.

Besides, we will often think "with strong force, the new acne will be completely removed". This thinking is completely wrong! Because when using too much force to squeeze acne will cause serious skin damage, destroying the layers of cells under the skin.

In addition, the right time to squeeze hidden acne is also very important, only when the acne is old and has the ability to pop out, you can squeeze it.

In this case, Miss Tram recommends that you go to reputable dermatology centers or beauty salons specializing in skin to be treated with new technology and safe and hygienic tools.

For skin care and treatment problems, at Miss Tram there are always advanced - modern methods and technologies suitable for each skin type, each suitable course that you can choose:

  • Treatment of Acne - Darkening - Tightening pores with Fractional CO2 Laser.
  • Treatment of pitted scars by the method of Separating the bottom of the scar + Oriental Medicine Regenerating the skin.
  • Treatment of Acne - Darkening - Pore Scars - Skin Recovery - Even skin tone - Bright and smooth.
  • Tighten poresNew generation laser skin whitening.
  • Regulate sebum, whiten bright, eliminate skin toxins.
  • Treatment of keloid scars by microneedling collagen regeneration method.
  • Remove melasma at the root with Yag Laser technology.
  • Pre-wedding skin care.
  • ...

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