Top 6 Makeup Trends Of The 90s Are Hot Again Results

Top 6 Makeup Trends Of The 90s Are Hot Again

No matter how beauty standards or fashion trends change, 80's - 90's is also always considered as one of the milestones that gather the most beauties. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand when the 90's makeup fashion always hot again.

So, what makeup trends of the 90s are "storming" this year? Let's find out through the following article of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center ok

90's Makeup Fashion Is Hot Again

1. Natural Makeup, No Contouring

The 90s makeup style is not too light, but the skin is always directed in the most simple and natural style.

Top 6 Makeup Trends Of The 90s Are Hot Again Results

Natural makeup style

The beauties of that time would make up a smooth, bright white skin without creating volume. This makeup will help the face look young, innocent and have "a little" rustic and personality.

2. Thin and Slightly Curved Eyebrows

Compared to current eyebrows, the "old-time" eyebrow trend is much more elegant and gentle, isn't it?

Top 6 Makeup Trends Of The 90s Are Hot Again Results

Lightly curved eyebrow makeup

Not too thick, not too long, thin and slightly curved eyebrows will make your face more feminine, the eyes are also deeper and gentler than the modern eyebrow style.

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3. Deep Lips

In the 90s, actresses in Hollywood movies and TV shows mostly used dark brown lipstick colors. This lipstick color not only brings personality and strength to women but also respects dark skin very well.

Top 6 Makeup Trends Of The 90s Are Hot Again Results

Makeup in the style of deep lips

Women today are also "fever" with this deep tone. But instead of combining with lip gloss, the current young girls have chosen to combine with matte lipstick and style of overflowing lipstick to bring the most plump, seductive and mysterious lips.

4. Deep Red Lips

Unlike Hollywood stars in the late 90s, Hong Kong women at that time chose a deep red tone for their lips. With a gentle makeup style and ivory skin, perhaps this lip color is more suitable for those of you with light skin.

Top 6 Makeup Trends Of The 90s Are Hot Again Results

Dark red lip makeup trend

Therefore, bold lipstick tones such as pure red, orange, and dark pink promise to make women "crazy" by the end of this year.

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5. Long, Black and Light Curly Hair

If at the end of 2019, the world's women are fascinated with the curly hairstyle of the 90s. Then at the end of this year, another hairstyle. This decade is also favored by women, which is black hair - light curly.

Top 6 Makeup Trends Of The 90s Are Hot Again Results

For long, black and slightly curly hair

This hairstyle is not only suitable for light makeup, but also brings a much more gentle and feminine feeling to women.

You can "innovate" this style, but to keep the most femininity and mode, keep the hair black.

6. Black Eyeliner

In the late 90s, when Vietnamese movies and televisions began to be well received, the makeup style of Vietnamese actresses also created a lot of fashion trends.

Top 6 Makeup Trends Of The 90s Are Hot Again Results

Black eyeliner was a very popular makeup style in the 90s

And one of the trends that promise to "make waves" in recent years is black eye makeup. With this eyeliner, your eyes will not be as sharp as a cat's eye, but have more depth, gentleness but still a lot more personality.

However, to minimize makeup, lightly line the lower eyelid and use more eyeshadow. This stylized eyeliner will both keep the 90s vibe and make your makeup lighter.

Top 6 Makeup Trends Of The 90s Are Hot Again Results

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*** Note for a perfect 90s style

  • Always clean and provide enough moisture for the skin: No matter what makeup style, if you want a beautiful foundation, you need to have a smooth skin.
  • Define your makeup style first: Makeup trends of the 90s have a lot of styles – it doesn't matter if the makeup you choose is resounding or not, you just need to define your own makeup style: Harmony and Harmony.

Top 6 Makeup Trends Of The 90s Are Hot Again Results

Choose the makeup that best suits you

  • Pay attention to matching clothes and accessories: Standard make-up but inappropriate clothes are "nothing". Therefore, if you have caught the trend, remember to pay attention to both makeup and fashion.

Top 6 Makeup Trends Of The 90s Are Hot Again Results

Pay attention to trendy clothes and accessories

In particular, if you take virtual photos, remember to adjust the color of the image to the same color as the film. At that time, you will have a cool set of retro 90s photos.

The above are the share of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center about makeup trends that promise to boom at the end of 2020. To make sure you have the freshest and most modern style, experiment a lot. Because not every style is right for you.

Hope the sharing of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center will be useful to you. Wish you always confident and beautiful with your appearance!

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