Congenital Dark Lips Can Tattooing Be Colored

Reasons to Remove Dark Lips. Methods to remove dark lips at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center

Congenital Dark Lips Can Tattooing Be Colored

Many people have naturally dark lips, want to go for lip tattooing to improve their defects, but are still afraid because they are afraid that their lips will not turn up the color they want. So, can congenital dark lips be colored? Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Answer your questions about this issue as follows.

Is it possible to color the lips that are born with tattoo spray?

Is it possible to color the lips that are born with tattoo spray?

Congenital dark lips is a fairly common condition in many people, the lips are brown, even dark gray, appearing from childhood and lasting until adulthood. The main cause is the accumulation of too much melanin pigment in the lips, causing the lips to darken, affecting the aesthetics.

Today, the treatment of dark lips has become an urgent beauty need of both men and women, helping you to be more visible and confident in communication. Back to the problem of congenital dark lips, can they be colored? Miss Tram replied to you that it is COMPLETELY POSSIBLE. You can easily remove dark lips and spray your desired lip color with modern cosmetic technologies at Miss Tram.

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Why do you need to remove dark lips?

Dark lips will make your face look lifeless, and you will find it inconvenient to always have to carry a lipstick with you. If you intend to spray your lips, it is very necessary to remove dark spots because if you have congenital dark lips, after spraying, the color will be uneven, opaque and not clear because the dark part below is still there.

So, before spraying lips, the estheticians at Miss Tram will conduct a thorough treatment of dark lips for you.

remove dark lips
Why do you need to remove dark lips?

Remove dark lips at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center

When coming to Miss Tram, experts will directly examine and evaluate the client's dark condition for effective treatment. Dark lips will be treated by specialized baby pink eyebrow spray:

  • If the lips are a little dark, spray about 2 layers of baby
  • If the lips are dark, spray 3-4 layers of baby, then spray until the color is Orange Red
  • If you have dark lip lines, only spray on the edges
Image of removing dark lips at Miss Tram
Image of removing dark lips at Miss Tram

After treating dark lips, you proceed to spray lip color normally to ensure that the lips are standard and fresh. When treating dark lips at Miss Tram, customers can be completely assured of the quality of service:

  • Experts at Miss Tram directly examine the dark condition of each customer, to find out the cause of dark lips and have the right treatment and lip care.
  • KTV handling is skilled, experienced and careful in the implementation process.
  • The handling process is hygienic and safe at each stage with a strict, thorough and meticulous inspection process to every detail.
  • Customers are carefully consulted and guided to choose the right lip color for their skin color, age, face, etc.
  • After the treatment of dark lips, the customer will be sprayed with lips. As a result, ensuring the lips are up to the standard color, helping you to own fresh and attractive lips.
Congenital dark lips spray tattoo with color
Pictures of lip injections for Men

Spray lips at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center

If men often choose to spray crystal lips with gentle colors to bring as natural as possible. Then women can choose from many different types of lip spray with many bright colors that they love. Coming to Miss Tram, you can choose for yourself many modern tattoo spraying technologies as follows:

+ Spray crystal lips

Helps to color the lips naturally and keep the color well at a reasonable price. However, crystal lips are a bit dry, so they are often loved by men.

+ Collagen lip spray - Stem cell lip spray

Congenital dark lips spray tattoo with color
Collagen lip spray results

This is a lip spray technique that is quite popular with many people. Collagen lip spray, stem cell lip spray is a combination of crystal lip spray technology with natural collagen essence or stem cells to bring lip balm into the lips, helping you own soft lips. In addition, this nutrient also nourishes the lips from the inside, helping to reduce dryness and cracking of the lips effectively.

+ Spray the queen's lips

Queen's lip spray is used with 100% organic ink from natural herbs, completely free of chemicals or metals, so it is extremely safe for customers. Not only that, this method also has a color fastness of up to 5 - 10 years, known as the super-sticky micro-touch lip spray method. Queen's lip spray is capable of satisfying the most demanding customers.

Coming to Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center, the dark lips that are born with poor color will also become beautiful and radiant. Not only that, the lip spray methods are also added with important nutrients, making the lips more healthy, youthful and smooth.

The Secret To Choosing The Best Lip Spray Color For You

Don't have to live in low self-esteem for the rest of your life just because of your dirty lips, come Miss Tram– Natural Beauty Center to be treated at the root and own some beautiful lips, helping you to be more radiant and confident.

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