Congenital Dark Lips Can Be Colored Inadequate

Can Congenital Dark Lips Be Colored


Congenital Dark Lips Can Be Colored Inadequate

In the past with the old lip tattoo technique, it is true that congenital dark lips after making the color will be uneven, opaque and not clear because the dark part below is still there. However, with micro point lip spray technology Today's advanced Can completely solve the case of congenital dark lips thâm ok

In order for the lip color to be clear and beautiful like that, before applying lip color, the specialist will conduct gentle darkening for you, absolutely no pain!

How to take care of spray lips after peeling to get a beautiful standard color:

After about 3-7 days, the outer layer of skin peels off, but at this time, the lips are still quite sensitive and can be affected by many external factors. In order not to affect the aesthetics and health of ourselves, we can guide guests with the following basic care steps:

  • It is advisable to add enough water to the body to help stabilize the metabolism and quickly recover the damaged areas.
  • Eat a lot of fruits, foods rich in vitamins A, C, and E to effectively fight inflammation and promote color to a beautiful standard
  • You should limit alcohol and stimulants because they can make blood circulation unstable, affecting the color of your lips.
  • People who spray lips should avoid eating dark spices (especially soy sauce) because it can make the color not as before.
  • Choose lead-free lipsticks, lipsticks extracted from natural ingredients will be better for the lips.

For details, refer to the article "What To Do And What Not To Do After Lip Spray" to know how to take better care of spray lips. That's good news, isn't it, people? Come to Miss Tram for expert advice on your lip condition!

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