Thick and Wrinkled Lips Can Spray Lips Or Not Mark

Can Thick and Wrinkled Lips Spray Lips Or Not

|Question – Answer|| “Lips that are thick and wrinkled when spraying WILL BE more painful?”

How to spray lips safely for people with thick and wrinkled lips
Instructions on how to spray lips safely for people with thick and wrinkled lips

Miss Tram received this question yesterday, but now I have free hands to share with the whole family. Everyone follow the article below!

The degree of swelling and pain when making lips depends on the location as well as the dark background of each customer, in the case of wrinkled and thick lips, the process will take longer and need to be done carefully to color the lips evenly.

If you work at a reputable establishment, applying the technology of Spray - Sculpting lips with light micro-touch, you will not worry about swelling or pain for both thick and wrinkled lips.

Of course, after the procedure is completed (the anesthetic has worn off), it is a little uncomfortable because you are not used to it: the lips are only slightly swollen (not swollen) due to the impact of the needle on the surface of the skin of the lips. This is also a common phenomenon whether it is done with old or new technology.

And the criteria for evaluating a reputable cosmetic tattooing facility:

– Safe Process – Standard, hygienic tools

– Quality of ink is guaranteed, has a clear origin

- Be consulted carefully about lip condition, method, color, ...

– Performed by skilled and qualified technicians

- Enjoy dedicated care, long-term warranty for each customer.

In addition, after spraying the lips, customers also need to pay attention to follow the instructions of the Specialist to get the desired results. (Refer to how lip care after spraying The best standards come from top beauty experts).

Contact Miss Tram for advice on suitable lip beautification methods:

  • Korean technology Crystal lip spray (suitable for both men and women)
  • Spray Crystal Collagen Lips
  • Spray the Queen's lips
  • Stem cell lip spray
  • Micro-sculpted lips
  • Collagen Crystal Lip Sculpture
  • Stem cell lip sculpting
  • Natural lip sculpting for men
  • Treat dark spots and spray natural lips for both men and women

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