Blistering Lips Can Spray Lips Again Without Emphasis

Can You Spray Your Lips With Blisters

[Q-A] Can I spray my lips with Blisters again?

How to treat lips with blisters safely
Instructions on how to treat lips with blisters safely

The problem of blisters when spraying lips made many customers worried and sent questions to Miss Tram before deciding to spray lips. Today Miss Tram will answer for everyone!

Causes of blisters after spraying lips can be due to:

+ Your skin is sensitive, but the specialist does not know to pay attention during the procedure.

+ Due to the old inkjet and tattoo technology with deep invasiveness and bad ink quality, causing damage to the lips

But now you can be completely assured, because Miss Tram Beauty uses spray technology, micro-touch lip sculpting. This is a gentle invasive technique with a micro-injector, just touching the epidermis of the lips, so there is absolutely no burning sensation during the procedure and no swelling after spraying.

For customers with weak muscles, the lips may be slightly swollen and will quickly disappear without the use of drugs.

Hope the sharing of Miss Tram will help you be more confident with your decision to beautify your lips.

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