How Expertly Discolored Eyebrows

How to deal with discolored eyebrows


Instructions on how to handle the safest eyebrow color
Instructions on how to handle the safest eyebrow color

Too many cases, too many colors that are green and red have come to Miss Tram. On this question of yours, Miss Tram shares more with you about how to handle it.

With eyebrows that have been done and colored, the first thing you should do is process the old color so that later Spraying or new Sculpting will not be colored.

Currently, the method of removal or treatment has also been more advanced, so you can rest assured that you will not leave scars. You should visit Miss Tram or reputable facilities to be examined and advised by experts, absolutely do not go to unreliable facilities, it will be worse, money will be lost, it will be difficult to fix it later!

For old ink that has faded but has faded, you can handle powder spraying or sculpting. If the ink is dark, you can erase it lightly and redo it and it's beautiful!

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