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Does Miss Tram Accept Eyebrow Embroidery Spraying at Home?

|Question – Answer| Does Miss Tram accept Eyebrow Embroidery Spray at home?

Spray embroidery sculpting eyebrows at home only at Miss Tram Spa
At-home eyebrow embroidery and sculpting service is only available at Miss Tram Spa

Home services are currently being enthusiastically supported by customers because:

- No need to go far, out in the hot, dusty sun

- Save time and travel costs

– The price is sometimes cheaper than going to the center

Therefore, when receiving this question from a customer, Miss Tram was not surprised but also very happy that she was chosen as a beauty spot as soon as the customer had a need.

However, due to the specificity of the industry and service, SPRAY ERROLLER ERRORS of Miss Tram can only be done at two addresses, which are Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center , and Miss Tram Academy to ensure the safety and quality of each product created.

When performed at the Center, Miss Tram can control the hygiene of the tools through the use of modern sterilization machines and each operation in the whole process.

Our staff at the center will welcome, advise and guide customers meticulously, in detail, always accompanying you from work, reminding appointment for inspection until you are absolutely SATISFIED!

In addition, the space at Miss Tram is also delicately designed to create comfort and friendliness for customers going to the beauty salon.

Through the above sharing, if you still have any questions that need to be answered or consulted about services at Miss Tram, please contact us immediately!


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