12 Lipstick Colors That Make Men "Fall Out" In Moments Opinion

12 Lipstick Colors That Make Men "Fall Out" In Moments

Lipstick Always one of the inseparable items of women. Not only makes the face more radiant, but a beautiful lipstick color also brings a very strong attraction to men.

According to many surveys, the use of different lipstick colors by women creates different impressions in the eyes of men. Therefore, instead of sticking to a single color tone, experiment with many new lipstick colors to change your style. This paragraph, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Introducing the top 12 beautiful lipstick colors that make men fall in love in an instant.

12 Beautiful Lipstick Colors That Make Men "Fall" In A Moment.

1. Red lipstick

Many studies have shown that red lipstick always brings a strong attraction to men. Red toners not only show charm and beauty, but also help women become stronger and more attractive. Some of the sexiest red lipstick lines that you can choose from:

+ Pure red

Best lipstick color ever
Pure red lipstick

Pure red is an extremely flattering color toner. This original lipstick color helps women stay sexy, hot and especially can exude a strong and powerful aura of a woman.

If you know how to apply makeup and attractive charisma, pure red lipstick will help you become a real lady.

+ Red earth

beautiful natural lipstick colors
Earthy red lipstick

Although not as bright as other red lipstick colors, but earth red makes the lips plump, attractive and extremely luxurious. In particular, this red lipstick tone also has the effect of lightening the skin, so it is extremely suitable for dark or dark skin. As for light-skinned girls, this is also a good choice to enhance their bright white skin. 

+ Red wine

The best lipstick colors this year
Wine red lipstick

Wine red is a deep red tone, with a classic and mysterious charm. This lipstick color is not picky and is suitable for many styles, especially making women more luxurious and fashionable.

For girls who like Korean or American style makeup, this is the ideal lipstick color to choose.

+ Brick red

Brick red lipstick is not as prominent as traditional red, nor is it as deep as earth red, but it makes men fascinated by its charm, hotness and romance.

This lipstick color is not picky, but is most suitable for girls with neutral or fair skin. In particular, with the interference between modern and classic, brick red tone is a great choice for those who love retro or vintage style. Learn more about tips on choosing the right red lipstick for your skin tone here.

2. Pink lipstick

+ Coral pink

Coral pink is the perfect combination of sweet pink with radiant coral. Therefore, for girls with a youthful, fresh style, this is one of the most ideal suggestions.

Although it is promoted by many famous people because of its elegance, gentleness and no less fashionable. But the minus point of coral pink tone is quite picky skin and only suitable for light skin tones. Therefore, girls with dark skin tones should prioritize other lipstick colors.

+ Pink earth

beautiful pink lipstick palette
Earthy pink lipstick

Earth pink is considered one of the hottest lipstick colors in early 2020. This lipstick color not only helps women's lips become fuller but also exudes gentleness and charm on the face.

In particular, the earthy pink tone is not picky about skin color. From light skin tone to medium Asian skin tone can be easily used.

+ Red rose

youthful lipstick colors
Red lipstick color

Rose red is a color that represents youth and freshness on the face. The strength of this lipstick tone is that it is suitable for many skin types. From white skin to dark skin, if you know a little makeup, the red-pink tone will flatter your skin very well. Therefore, if you are a girl who loves dynamism and modernity, this lipstick color will not disappoint you.

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3. Orange lipstick

+ Orange earth

Not too bright like traditional orange, earth orange is a combination of bright orange and warm earthy brown. This lipstick color gives women beautiful drawings that are extremely gentle, feminine and especially very sweet.

A special feature is that this lipstick color is not as picky as many people think, but on the contrary, they are suitable for most skin types. And if you are a girl who knows how to makeup, then this is one of the lipstick colors that help you "live virtual".

+ Burnt oranges

How to choose the right lipstick for your skin tone
Burnt orange lipstick

It's almost like the orange tone, but the burnt orange tone is driving a lot of women crazy lately. Because not only adorns the lips more fresh, this lipstick color is also capable of exuding absolute personality and elegance on the face.

Just knowing the makeup, the burnt orange tone will make you as hot as the hot girls.

+ Coral orange

lipstick color suitable for skin
Coral orange lipstick

Not too bright like other orange tones, coral orange is gentle, feminine and extremely seductive. In particular, this lipstick color is not picky and can be suitable for many different makeup styles. Therefore, this is definitely a perfect choice if you want to change your new style.

+ Peach oranges

Peach orange is a lipstick color that goes well with many skin tones. Even without makeup, this lipstick still has the ability to turn your pale skin into a fresh and impressive one.

In particular, for girls who love fragile and feminine styles, peach orange is the perfect choice.

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4. Nude lipstick

Nude lipstick
Nude lipstick

One of the current trends is nude lipstick. Although it does not bring out the prominent lips, this lipstick color has the power to perfectly highlight the contours of the face. In particular, nude lipstick is not picky about skin and is extremely suitable for natural makeup style. And for girls who have attractive thick lips, this lipstick color is extremely suitable.

Not all lipstick colors are suitable for your skin and face. But to choose the most perfect color tone for yourself, not everyone can do it. Therefore, keep experimenting with your favorite lipstick colors, because when you are confident, you will always be beautiful and radiant. Besides Cosmetic tattooing method Lips It is also chosen by many women to keep their lips fresh without lipstick.

Hope the sharing of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center will be useful to you. Wish you always the most satisfied with the lipstick color you chose!


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