Method to beautify eyebrows

Changes in Eyebrow Color During Care

[Q-A] How Does Eyebrow Color Change During Care?

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For those who are doing things for the first time Method to beautify eyebrows, would be EXTREMELY Pay attention to even the smallest changes. The change of eyebrows will also have changes in your care process and will follow a "progress" as follows:

Method to beautify eyebrows

First week

This is the time when the eyebrows have just been done, affected by the injector or sculpting knife to bring the ink into the skin, changing the skin color pigment so the color of the eyebrows will also be darker. At least for the first 3 days the eyebrows look "dark as a caterpillar".

At this stage, you need to abstinence from water for the first 3 days to make your eyebrows scab and peel off.

To the 2nd week

At this point, the eyebrows have already scabbed out, the color will be a bit faint. If you do sculpting, you will see that some strands may be broken or lost, so there is no need to worry too much.

3rd week

Pigmentation on the skin will continue to change and become darker

Week 4 - 6

The eyebrows have almost had enough time to "recover" now, so look NATURE than. However, it is still not the most beautiful, so you should remember to go back on schedule when contacted and reminded by the consultant. The specialist will check, correct and supplement the results of the eyebrows PRETTY , and NATURE best.

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