Lead Detox Mask For Skin Safest Advice

The Safest Lead Detox Mask For Skin

Smoke, environmental pollution, use of poor quality cosmetics and unhealthy eating habits can make your skin worse. lead toxin accumulation. When the skin is not ventilated, this amount of toxins will erode the protective film, weakening the skin, leading to a series of problems such as: pimples, melasma, wrinkles, and many other signs of aging. So how can we lead poisoning for the skin?

The Safest, Most Effective Skin Lead Detox Mask

What causes lead poisoning?

To determine whether the body is contaminated with lead, doctors must conduct blood tests and other complementary methods such as X-rays, bone marrow biopsies (if necessary). Therefore, many people think that lead contaminated skin cannot be seen and sketched. This statement is correct but it is not completely correct, because with frequent skin contact (especially facial skin) with high lead-containing sources, the possibility of accumulation on the skin is very likely.

As you can see, every day we have to "face" a series of factors in the environment, many electronic devices. These are all sources of lead. Not to mention, many people use poor quality cosmetics with high chemical composition. These sources have more or less left a "trace" on the skin, silently destroying your skin structure.

When facial skin accumulates lead metal, it will affect cell metabolism, affect collagen production to heal the skin, and promote the accumulation of melanin, making the skin darker. In general, because of the accumulation of lead toxins, your skin will become less sharp, the signs of aging will come faster. (Refer to the recipe Dark bean mask red safe, effective for women).

lead detox mask for skin
Lead poisoning will make the skin less youthful, appear a series of problems

So how to detox lead for the skin?

We have many ways to eliminate the amount of toxins that are accumulating on the skin and the whole body. And the simplest, natural ways that you can apply are:

  • Add clean food, eat lots of green vegetables, drink enough water, eat vitamin-rich fruits to enhance metabolism, help the purification mechanism take place stably.
  • Regular exercise helps blood circulation rhythmically, improves functions in the body, including the purification of the excretory system. If the body is healthy, our skin will benefit a lot.
  • For facial skin, to remove toxins accumulated on the skin, to help open pores, do not forget to exfoliate the skin. When the old layer of skin is replaced, new cells will be produced with stronger functions.

In addition to the above methods, let's regularly apply the following masks to help the skin eliminate lead toxins:

Tomato and honey

Tomatoes are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin B6, folate and thiamin along with the high antioxidant content in honey, which will be a great combination for skin that is having problems with accumulation of toxins.

Use tomatoes with honey
Use tomatoes with honey

To do this, you just need to squeeze the tomato to get the juice, mix it with 1 teaspoon of honey and apply it evenly on the skin. Leave this mask on for about 15-20 minutes, rinse with clean water and you will see softer, cleaner and healthier skin.

This recipe should be applied about twice a week.

Honey and celery

Celery is a rich source of vitamin B, vitamin E, vitamin K, and beta-carotene. When combined with the antibacterial and anti-oxidant properties of honey, it will form an extremely effective detox and skin mask mixture. Applying this mask twice a week, the skin structure will be positively affected, becoming more elastic and firm.

lead detox mask for skin
Use honey combined with celery

Squeeze out celery juice, add a little honey and mix well. Apply this mask on the face in circular motion, gently massage and then let the skin relax for about 15 minutes. After rinsing, the skin will be smoother and brighter. (What to pay attention to when wearing a mask for the skin?? Listen to the sharing from the most experienced).

Take care of your skin properly, detox regularly to keep your skin healthy and beautiful!

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