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All about Face Masks and Lotions

Facial mask sheet Surely the product is no stranger to beauty lovers. But to understand deeply about sheet masks, not all women understand completely. There are still some women who are still wondering about how to choose a suitable paper mask, should they wash their face after applying a paper mask, how to preserve the paper mask?

To answer those concerns of women, Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center Please share the article about sheet masks to help you understand better!

What is a sheet mask?

Mask paper Skin care is a serum or essence essence in liquid form impregnated with paper. When applied to the face, it helps the skin absorb and absorb nutrients faster. The main use of sheet masks is to hydrate, moisturize, provide vitamins and minerals to help whiten and smooth skin. Depending on the specific uses of each type of mask, there will be additional uses for acne, anti-aging skin, ...

What is a sheet mask?
A sheet mask is a serum or liquid essence that is impregnated with paper

Currently on the market, skin care paper masks are very rich and diverse: cotton paper masks, hydro gel masks, bio-cellulose masks, foil masks, ampoule masks, clay paper masks / Activated carbon and foam sheet masks, …

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How to use sheet mask

How to use a sheet mask is very simple, just apply it for 15-20 minutes by following these steps:

  • Use a sheet mask to moisturize: Remove makeup/ wash face/ apply toner/ apply moisturizing sheet mask/ apply serum/ apply moisturizer
  • Use a therapeutic sheet mask: to prevent loss of essence, you should use after applying serum: Remove makeup / wash face / apply rose water / apply serum / mask treatment / apply moisturizer (to lock in moisture).

In short, if you have a small amount of time to take care of your skin (especially nursing mothers), you can omit some steps by simply removing makeup / washing your face / applying a mask.

Should I wash my face after applying a sheet mask?

How to use a paper mask?
Do not wash your face after applying the sheet mask to allow the essence to penetrate into the skin

Usually, after applying a sheet mask, some girls will feel the surface of the skin hiss, slightly uncomfortable and want to wash their face clean. However, the purpose of applying a sheet mask is to allow nutrients, minerals, vitamins, water, etc. to penetrate into the skin. If you wash your skin after applying the mask, these substances will be washed away as if the masking process was wasted.

So, after applying the sheet mask, you don't need to wash your face again. If the case feels too uncomfortable on the skin, you can use a cotton pad to absorb the essence.

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Note when using sheet masks

Applying a sheet mask is a good and necessary thing, but you should also note a few issues for this process to be most effective:

  • Avoid overnight sheet masks: You should only apply a sheet mask for 15-20 minutes to allow the skin to absorb the nutrients. If you apply a sheet mask overnight, the nutrients and water in the mask will disappear. Otherwise, your skin will be dry.
  • After applying the paper mask You can apply moisturizer to the skin: However, if you have oily skin, you can skip this step.
  • Use sheet masks effectively: By squeezing gently and taking away the remaining nutrients, store in the refrigerator for next use. Or you can also use this remaining nutrient to apply to areas of the body that need moisturizing.

How to choose a sheet mask for each skin type

skin beauty benefits from paper masks
How to choose a sheet mask for each skin type
  • Acne skin It is necessary to use anti-inflammatory paper mask products with ingredients extracted from green tea or snail mucus, etc. to enhance anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, skin soothing and acne-prone skin.
  • Dry skin assemble It is necessary to use mask products with ingredients such as chrysanthemum, fresh milk, sheep placenta, etc. for intensive skin care, to help smooth and bright skin.
  • Skin with large pores need to use activated carbon sheet mask products or mineral mud ... to help deep clean, detoxify, tighten pores, whiten bright and smooth.
  • Skin with many bruises, dull and dull ... need to use mask products rich in vitamin C, Niacinamide, collagen or has ingredients extracted from avocado, rice will help whiten and even skin tone.
  • Sensitive skin It is necessary to use mask products with natural ingredients such as chrysanthemum, centella asiatica ... to gently support, anti-inflammatory and provide nutrients to make the skin healthier.

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How to store sheet masks

How to store sheet masks
How to store sheet masks

Women often have the habit of buying a lot of paper masks at once and storing them in the refrigerator for later use. Stored in the refrigerator, the sisters believe that it will be preserved longer and when applied to the face, it feels cool and refreshing.

But you do not know that the facial skin has a self-constricting mechanism when encountering low temperatures and so the nutrients in the sheet mask will not be able to penetrate deeply into the skin. Therefore, the advice for women is to only buy a mask just enough to use for about 10 days so as not to expire. The sheet mask should be stored at room temperature away from sunlight for the best absorption of nutrients to the skin.

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Above Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center I have shared with you the information about sheet masks for skin care. Hope this information will be useful for those who love skin care. Miss Tram is very happy to share with you more beauty knowledge.

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