Which Eyelash Extensions Should Be Made The Most Suitable Advice

Which Eyelash Extensions Should Be Made Best For Single Eyelids?

[Q & A] Which Eyelash Extension Method Should I Use For Single Eyelids

This is a fairly common question asked by our consultants Miss Tram received from its customers during the past time. To help the one-eyelid sister association to "give up" beauty by changing the appropriate eyelash style, let's listen to the answer from Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center .

What is the method of eyelash extension?
Beautiful eyebrow sculpture for people with monolids

The "specificity" of girls with monolids usually has small eyes, no eyelid folds, eyes are usually narrow and smaller than girls with double eyelids. Single eyelid eyes often make the face look tired and less elegant because the eye angle is not widened.

Therefore, the selection VOLUME TYPE OF ELECTRIC APPLICATION METHOD It will make your eyes look bigger. Overall, your face will be gentler, more feminine than "several steps".

However, for those who are applying eyelash extensions for the first time, choose CLASSIC CONNECTION METHOD will be most suitable, because this method will connect fewer fibers, helping the eyes look just right, close to real eyelashes.

Choosing a suitable set of eyelashes also depends quite a lot on your preferences and style. If you like your lashes to be long, moderately thick, natural like Korea, Classic eyelash extensions will be more suitable. As for the girls who like really thick, long and curvy eyelashes like the West, those who like bold makeup will probably choose Volume eyelash extensions.

Hopefully, with the sincere sharing that Miss Tram just mentioned above, it will be especially helpful for single-eyelid girls to be more confident in choosing the right type of eyelash extension!

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