7 Tips to Take Advantage of Paper Masks to Save Discover

7 Tips to Take Advantage of Paper Masks Very Economically

In recent years, mask paper became one of the Skin care products loved by many women. Because not only extremely convenient, but this cosmetic line is also rich in nutrients and gives great results for the skin.

However, the paper mask also has a minus point is that the price is quite high, so for those girls who are thrifty, this is an investment to think about. Therefore, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center We will show you how to make the most of sheet masks effectively, making sure the investment is always worth it.

How to Use Paper Masks Very Economically

1. Invert the Mask When Apply

Most of the sheet masks usually have instructions to apply the face for 15-20 minutes. However, after the first 10 minutes, you can flip the mask and apply it again. Because in a while, the nutrients below have begun to penetrate into the skin and dry out, if you turn the mask over, the skin will be provided with more nutrients from the mask above. This face mask will help you make the most of the nutrients from the mask.

note, you need to always keep your hands clean while using the mask. And after flipping the mask over, make sure it fits snugly against the skin.

how to make use of paper masks for beauty
Turn the Paper Mask upside down when applying

2. Take advantage of the Eye Mask part

Not all sheet mask sizes will fit your face. Some mask lines often have a rather large design, which makes the eye patch quite redundant. Therefore, to make the most of the mask, you can use this excess mask to moisturize dry areas such as elbows, ankles or heels.

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3. Use the Essence Left in the Bag To Moisten the Mask

Instead of turning the mask upside down after 10 minutes of applying it, you can immediately take advantage of the remaining nutrients in the mask bag. Very simple, just pour the remaining essence on the mask you are applying and gently massage them with your hands to absorb them evenly. You will feel the essence penetrate right into the skin.

This use not only helps the skin to be fully nourished, but also ensures that the skin does not lose water during the face mask (in case the sheet mask is dry). Therefore, immediately pocket this extremely useful tip.

Take advantage of the essence in the sheet mask

4. Use Leftover Nutrients Like A Specialized Serum

If the type of mask you use is really good, it is not necessary to add the essence during the face masking process, and the remaining nutrients in the bag are still redundant. To take advantage of them, you can use these nutrients to replace the serum step right after.


  • After removing the mask, you massage and pat gently for the nutrients on the skin to be absorbed.
  • Wash your face with clean water and pat dry gently.
  • Use the remaining essence in the bag and use it as a serum (note to use a sufficient amount to fully absorb into the skin).
  • Finally, lock in moisture with a layer moisturizer.

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5. Utilize Leftover Nutrients For Neck And Chest Và

Many women only focus on the face skin but forget to take care of the neck skin - this skin is very fragile and easy to age, so it also needs regular moisturizing.

Therefore, during the face masking process, you can take advantage of the remaining nutrients for the skin on the neck and chest. How to use is very simple, just pour a little serum on the palm of your hand, gently massage these skin areas and wash off when the mask is finished.

Neck and chest care sheet mask

6. Soak the Compressed Mask Into the Leftover Serum

What if I need to apply twice but only one mask is left? It's very simple, you just need to use a compressed mask and add to the remaining nutrients in the bag, that's it, you have an extra quality mask.

7. Reuse the Face Mask For Remaining Skin

After applying the face mask, the sheet mask still has a lot of nutrients. You can take advantage of them for the remaining skin areas such as hands and feet so that they are also supplemented with necessary nutrients.

Many women have shared that their elbows and heels are smoother and whiter than their regular reuse of paper masks.

How to use a paper mask?

Some Notes When Using Paper Masks

Paper masks contain a lot of nutrients, but in order to use and take advantage of them properly, you need to note some of the following points:

  • Always make sure the mask is close to the skin.
  • Do not apply the mask for too long and should read the instructions carefully to determine the most effective time to apply the mask.
  • Make sure to keep your hands clean while using the mask.
  • Do not wash your face immediately after removing the mask, massage the skin and pat gently for the nutrients to be fully absorbed.
  • If taking advantage of the remaining nutrients in the mask bag, it should be used immediately and at the same time, should not be refrigerated or left overnight because the nutrients can be penetrated by bacteria.

Sheet masks are a line of masks that are very nutritious and extremely convenient. Therefore, to make the most of their "resources", do not ignore the extremely useful tips that Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center has just shared above. Wish you always have a beautiful healthy skin!

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