Explaining the Phenomenon of Why Spraying Eyebrows Itchy Announced

Explaining Why Spraying Eyebrows Itchy

Many sisters want embroidered eyebrow spray to have a satisfactory eyebrow, but worried because many people have heard that spraying eyebrows will be itchy. So what is the truth about this? Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center I will go with you to find the answer.

Beautiful, safe and prestigious eyebrow embroidery spray address in Ho Chi Minh City
Beautiful, safe and prestigious eyebrow embroidery spray address in Ho Chi Minh City

Explaining Why Spraying Eyebrows Itchy

The essence of the eyebrow embroidery technique is to use a specialized embroidery pen with a micro-sized pen tip that moves gently on the outer epidermis. KTV will gently embroider each eyebrow along the eyebrow shape, bringing the most beautiful and natural eyebrows possible.

Accordingly, because it is not invasive to the skin, the embroidery sprayed area will be completely painless, not swollen or itchy. However, if spraying embroidery at a poor quality facility, there can be many risks when spraying, in which, eyebrow itching is a fairly common case. (Refer to method This foot beauty is suitable for men and women now widely used).

Why do eyebrows itch when spraying?

There are many causes that can cause eyebrows to itch, possibly due to the error of embroidery or improper care after spraying.

Errors caused by the embroidery process:

  • Embroidery spray tools are not disinfected clean
  • KTV skills are still weak
  • Using poor quality inkjet ink

Due to the post-spray care process:

  • Toilet, eyebrow care after spraying the wrong way, causing you to get itchy, even infected
  • Due to improper diet and not abstaining properly
There needs to be a process of eyebrow care after the correct procedure
There needs to be a process of eyebrow care after the correct procedure

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So, what should be done to keep the eyebrows from itching?

In order for the eyebrows to not be itchy, the most important thing is to choose a quality embroidery spray facility, this facility needs to ensure a number of requirements as follows:

Modern technology

The use of new technologies in tattooing will minimize the impact on the skin, protect the skin safely. Not only that, modern spraying technique also helps eyebrows to be more standard and natural than previous traditional eyebrow spray technology.

However, at present, there are only a few cosmetic facilities capable of updating new technologies and tattooing, so you must choose a reputable and quality tattoo spray address.

Spray itchy eyebrows
Shaping technology, standard eyebrow measurement according to the golden ratio

Quality inkjet ink

Inkjet ink is usually divided into 2 main groups: organic and inorganic inks. Inorganic inks can contain a lot of iron oxides and colorants that will harm the skin, and directly affect the liver, lungs and other organs in the human body. So, to be on the safe side, find a tattooing site that uses organic ink that doesn't contain toxins and doesn't affect health.

Skilled KTV

Needle technique is an important factor determining the success of tattoo spraying. A weak technician will easily hurt the skin, cause itchiness and possibly cause skin infection. Not only that, the level of the needle holder also determines the quality of your eyebrows after spraying.

Spray itchy eyebrows
Highly skilled, well-trained tattoo technicians

Strict process

Eyebrow spraying must always take place according to strict procedures, in order to bring maximum safety and ensure the best color. Usually before spraying and after spraying must go through a strict cleaning process, to avoid dust and infections that affect the success of eyebrow spray.

Prestigious after-spray warranty

After spraying, the esthetician will guide you on appropriate care. This is very important to ensure the eyebrows are beautiful and durable, avoiding peeling or itching.

There are many causes for itchy eyebrows after spraying, but this is not a complicated problem and you can completely prevent this situation. The best way to avoid this is to choose a reputable embroidery spraying facility like Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center To have a perfect eyebrow. (Should pregnant women spray eyebrows?? Hear from insiders).

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