4 Notes on Using Moisturizer For Acne Skin Safely Effective Base

4 Notes on Using Moisturizer for Acne Skin Safely and Effectively

When suffering acne, many women often choose to stop all Skin care products especially moisturizer – by thinking that acne-prone skin is often oily enough to have enough moisture. Of course, this is a serious mistake that makes acne more and more difficult to treat completely.

So why does acne skin need to be moisturized? Which moisturizer to choose? What is the most effective way to use moisturizer? Let's find out through the following article of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center ok

4 Notes to Use the Safest and Most Effective Acne Moisturizer

1. Why does acne skin need to be moisturized?

Note to use moisturizer for acne skin
Moisturizing acne skin: Should or should not?

To answer the question “Why does acne skin need to be moisturized?, you should clearly understand the acne skin There is a fair amount of oil on the surface of the skin – and this has absolutely nothing to do with whether the skin is moist enough or not.

Moreover, the skin lacks moisture is a cause of formation and development of acne. Because when there is a lack of moisture, the skin will tend to secrete more excess oil, combined with dirt and bacteria, creating favorable conditions for acne to "rave".

So, when you have acne, you still need to use a moisturizer for your skin every day. However, it is advisable to consider and use moisturizing products specifically for acne skin so that the skin is nourished and treated most effectively, avoiding unnecessary irritation on the skin. (Refer to top food for acne skin you need a daily supplement that is highly recommended by many experts).

2. How to choose a moisturizer to suit acne skin?

When choosing moisturizer for acne skin, you should note the following points:

Cream texture

Most acne-prone skin has very active sebaceous glands, so you should choose a moisturizer For acne-prone skin, it has a thin, light texture that easily penetrates the skin, does not create a greasy shine and clogs pores. It is best to use gel or lotion creams.

Ice cream ingredients

Best moisturizer for acne-prone skin
The best moisturizers for acne-prone skin

Cream ingredients are an extremely important factor in choosing a moisturizer for acne-prone skin. Because if you choose products with ingredients that irritate the skin, the acne will become more and more serious.

Ideally, you should choose products that clearly state Oil Free (oil-free), Non-comedogenic (do not clog pores) or Non-acnegenic (non-acnegenic) and especially Fragrance-Free. (fragrance-free) to minimize irritation to acne skin.

Ice cream origin

When choosing moisturizer for acne skin or any other skin care products, you should not ignore the criteria of reputable brands and clear origins. Because with sensitive skin when it comes to acne lesions, using a poor quality moisturizer will easily make acne worse.


Use the right amount of moisturizer for your skin
Use the right amount of moisturizer for your skin

Some specialized moisturizers for acne-prone skin contain active ingredients Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Retinol, Salicylic Acid - these are substances that help clean and have the ability to help promote new cell regeneration for the skin effectively. fruit. Especially with mild acne, non-inflammatory acne, these products are the ideal choice.

However, if you are using specific acne products or acne medications, then you should choose normal moisturizers. Because if you use many special treatment products at the same time, it can cause skin irritation, peeling or even burning. (Moisturizing mask for dry skin? - Suggest 7 types of moisturizing masks for dry skin roughness becomes smooth, bright white you should apply immediately).

3. Note when using moisturizer for acne skin

Clean skin

Pay attention to proper facial cleansing
Pay attention to proper facial cleansing

Of course, it is extremely important and necessary to clean the skin before applying moisturizer. Because this is the basic and important skin care step so that the skin does not generate more acne - so you should do all the steps to clean the skin: wash your face with cleanser twice a day and remove makeup in every night.

noteDuring this time, you should use water-based makeup removers and mild cleansers, extracted from nature to limit irritating the acne skin.


When using too much moisturizer, the skin will not absorb all the nutrients and clog the pores. Especially with acne-prone skin, an excess of moisturizer on the skin will create an ideal environment for acne spots to develop more serious.

Therefore, using the right amount of moisturizer will help the skin be effectively moisturized and the acne treatment process will take place faster.

Should I use a sunscreen moisturizer?

Use sunscreen every day
Always use sunscreen every day

With acne skin, in addition to moisturizing the skin, sunscreen is also extremely important. Because the skin at this time is very sensitive and easily damaged if not protected against the effects of UV rays.

Usually, these are two separate skin care steps: separate moisturizer and sunscreen private. However, for acne-prone skin, the use of moisturizing products with sun protection is also an optimal choice because it will reduce one cream application - limiting the clogging of the skin.

Note, if you are often exposed to the sun, you should still apply sunscreen, because the sunscreen ingredient in the moisturizer is not enough to fully protect the skin.

4. Use a specialized moisturizer for day and night

Note to use moisturizer for acne skin
Have the right skin care regimen

You should use a separate moisturizer for day and night. Because the texture and composition of these two creams are different:

  • A day moisturizer that contains antioxidants, sun protection and a liquid texture.
  • Night moisturizer contains retinol - an ingredient that treats acne, prevents aging and has a thicker texture because the skin can absorb all the nutrients at night.

So, with skin that is damaged by acne spots, using a specialized moisturizer for day and night will support the fastest skin recovery. (Instructions on how to Natural peel off face mask safest and most effective).

So, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center shared these Note when using moisturizer for acne skin effective. Acne skin is difficult to take care of, so you should choose and use the right moisturizer for the fastest acne treatment. Hope this article will be useful to you. Wish you always have a beautiful healthy skin!

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