8 Harmful Mistakes That Make Your Pores Get Bigger The Truth

8 Harmful Mistakes That Make Your Pores Get Bigger

Many women are owning fair skin large pores. This condition does not affect skin health, but it is unsightly because the skin is rough, less beautiful and greatly hinders makeup. In particular, if you do not care for and clean your skin thoroughly, your skin is easy to encounter problems such as oily skin, acne, less firmness.

So what is the cause of this skin condition? And Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Let's take a look at the mistakes that make your pores bigger and bigger.

Mistakes That Make Pores Get Bigger

1. Wash your face – exfoliate too much

Most of the causes of enlarged pores are due to daily skin care habits. In particular, if you are too careful in the steps of cleaning the skin, the pores are also at risk of becoming enlarged.

Why is that? Because when cleaning the skin too many times, the moisture and natural protective film on the skin will gradually disappear. This causes the body to stimulate the secretion of a lot of oil to quickly balance the moisture in the skin – this process if done regularly, your pores will be dilated very quickly.

Therefore, it is best to wash your face at most 3-4 times / day (only 2 times using cleanser) and exfoliate 2 times / week only. Check out more mistakes when exfoliating to make sure you did it right.

What causes enlarged pores?
Exfoliate 2 times a week

2. Use oil blotting paper.

Absorbent paper is very effective in removing excess oil from the skin. However, if used too many times, the natural oil layer is also taken away - this makes the skin dry, lacks moisture and quickly stimulates the body to produce more oil. Accordingly, the pores are also getting bigger and bigger, causing cosmetic loss.

Therefore, use oil blotting paper whenever necessary and note the following points:

  • It is recommended to use only 4-5 times / day and use 2 hours apart.
  • Use absorbent paper only once, do not reuse.
  • Absorb the oil gently, and leave it on the skin for only 3-5 seconds.
  • Do not use oil blotting paper for acne skin.

3. Leaving skin too dry or too oily quá

How to tighten pores effectively
Leaving the skin too dry or too oily causes pores to enlarge

The two most common skin types of women are dry skin and oily skin. Each skin type has its own unique characteristics, but if you do not know how to care and improve your skin every day, the condition of large pores is easy to appear:

  •  If your skin is too drySkin: Severe lack of moisture will cause the body to stimulate sebum secretion a lot, the strong oil secretion process will cause pores to expand very quickly.
  • If your skin is too oily: Too oily skin, large pores are a natural thing. In particular, this is a condition for bacteria to multiply, causing acne formation - leading to the condition of large pores getting bigger and bigger. Therefore, make sure there is always a cycle skincare It is suitable to ensure that the skin always has enough moisture and the best excess oil balance. If you have oily skin, you can refer to it how to take care of oily skin Effective at home standards.

4. Regular makeup correction

Proper makeup does not clog the skin, but if you regularly reapply makeup, your pores will certainly be prone to many problems. 

The reason is that the oil secretion process on the skin always takes place, adding powder will cover the oil and dirt layer, making the skin secret and stimulating the secretion of more oil. This causes the pores to expand and allows bacteria to penetrate, thereby causing acne. Refer to the Makeup mistakes that cause acne skin to understand better.

5. Eat a lot of harmful foods

Reasons for enlarged pores
Eating a lot of hot and spicy foods makes pores bigger

Diet always directly affects the skin. When you load too much harmful food into your body such as: hot spicy food, greasy or high sugar food, etc., the facial skin is always the part that is most affected. Because unhealthy foods will cause the excretory system to have many problems, the body easily accumulates toxins and the skin is also affected quite a lot.

Besides, hot, spicy foods also stimulate the skin to secrete more oil, causing blockage and dilation of pores, thereby creating an ideal environment for acne to form. Therefore, to have a beautiful healthy skin and improve pore problems, you need to make sure to always have a healthy daily diet.

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6. Lazy to use sunscreen

UV rays in the sun have very negative effects on the skin such as: making the skin dehydrated, dull, breaking the skin structure and causing the skin to quickly appear signs of aging, pigmentation and freckles ... . These skin problems all directly affect the pores, making them more and more enlarged.

To protect healthy skin, you need to make sure to always use sunscreen every day. And especially always carefully cover up when going out to avoid dust, heat and negative impacts from the outside.

7. Use cheap cosmetics, unknown origin

Note when tightening pores
Using cheap cosmetics of unknown origin makes pores bigger

The quality of cosmetics is always one of the prerequisites affecting the health and beauty of the skin. If you use cosmetics containing many harmful ingredients, of unknown origin, your skin will definitely have many problems.

And of course, skin problems such as irritated skin, acne skin, worn skin or more sensitive skin due to cosmetics have an impact on pores, making them weaker and easier to expand. See how Identify skin with cosmetic allergy and safe treatment.

8. Change skin care cosmetics continuously

Changing cosmetics to suit your skin (according to skin condition, weather, ...) is one of the skin care tips you need to know. However, the effect of cosmetics will not be seen immediately, but it takes time for the skin to get used to and adapt, but it cannot be clearly expressed from 1-2 weeks.

If you are impatient and often change cosmetics on your skin, it will be easy for your skin to fall into a state of "burning ghost" and quickly appear many problems. Therefore, listen to your skin, have time to feel to find the most suitable product. In particular, before choosing any cosmetics, you need to learn about their ingredients, uses and origins to ensure the most time-saving "try".

Compared to acne, melasma, freckles, large pores are not too serious a skin condition. But if you don't know how to take care of your skin, they will grow bigger and become the main cause of other skin problems. Therefore, make sure your skincare steps are always the right and most thorough way to have a beautiful healthy skin and effectively improve pores.

Hope the sharing of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center will be useful to you. Wish you always have a beautiful healthy skin!

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