Choosing the Right Moisturizer for Each Skin Type Grasp

Choosing the Right Moisturizer for Each Skin Type

Moisturizer play an important role in moisturizing skin. In addition, this skin care product also has the effect of enhancing texture, improving the condition tanned skin, prevent aging and effectively conceal skin imperfections. To moisturize most effectively, you need to choose for yourself a cream that is suitable for your skin type. Today's Post, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center please share How to choose the right moisturizer for each skin type?.

Choose the Right Moisturizer for 6 Basic Skin Types

1. Choose a moisturizer for dry skin

The special love of dry skin lack of moisture and natural oils. Because of the poor functioning of the sebaceous glands, dry skin lacks its natural ability to retain moisture, and is prone to cracking and peeling, especially when it comes to changes in weather or climate.

Choose a moisturizer for dry skin
Choosing a moisturizer for dry skin

Although this skin often has few acne problems, it is difficult to apply makeup and quickly shows signs of aging when old.

For dry skin, you should choose a cream moisturizer, which has a deep moisturizing effect and locks in moisture well, containing ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin, Ceramides... In addition, moisturizers for dry skin need more Use antioxidants, ingredients found in green tea essence, vitamin E, vitamin C ...

2. Choose a moisturizer for oily skin

Choosing a moisturizer for oily skin
Choosing a moisturizer for oily skin

Oily skin is the skin with active sebaceous glands, the skin is usually shiny, large pores. Therefore, this skin often has acne problems.

Many people think that oily skin is often enough moisture and does not pay attention to skin care – however, this is a misconception. Because when there is a lack of moisture, the skin often produces more excess oil, so the excess oil on the skin is more and more, this is the cause of clogged pores and easy acne formation.

To effectively moisturize oily skin, you need to choose a gel moisturizer – this type of moisturizer has a liquid texture that will be easily absorbed without stickiness on the skin. When choosing a cream product, it is necessary to prioritize ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Niacinamide, Retinol, Salicylic Acid. In addition, you can also refer to Acne prevention tips for sensitive oily skin To ensure that your skin is always taken care of.

3. Choose a moisturizer for combination skin

Moisturizing cream suitable for every skin type
Choosing a moisturizer for combination skin

Combination skin is the most "difficult" skin because the skin condition is often uneven on the face. In case of dry combination skin, there will be a dry skin area that takes up more area and an oily combination is the opposite. Therefore, you should listen to your skin to know what characteristics your skin has for the most appropriate care.

You should choose moisturizer Multi-functional, has the effect of balancing moisture and oil on the skin. It's best to use a milk or gel moisturizer - these are both effective moisturizers, and don't leave oily skin areas sticky.

4. Choose a moisturizer for sensitive skin

How to choose a safe moisturizer for the skin?
Choosing a moisturizer for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin It is very easy to identify, because it is often very thin or dry, prone to inflammation and irritation by external factors or cosmetics.

You should choose for yourself a moisturizer that is able to restore and protect the skin – both moisturizing and helping skin healthier. In particular, you should prioritize products with natural extracts, without fragrance to minimize the possibility of skin irritation.

Note when using moisturizing products for sensitive skin: You should test a small amount of cream on your wrist within 24 hours to make sure it doesn't irritate your skin.

5. Choose a moisturizer for acne-prone skin

Note when choosing a moisturizer for the skin
Choosing a moisturizer for acne-prone skin

Acne is a skin disease, when you have acne, you need to have a separate care regimen. With lane acne skin, you should not use cream-based moisturizers because the thick texture will clog pores and make acne worse. In particular, you should give preference to products with natural extracts to minimize skin irritation on acne skin.  

6. Choose a moisturizer for normal skin

Naturally, this is the healthiest skin, having the right balance of moisture and oil. For this skin type, there are many suitable moisturizers. So, if you are lucky enough to own this skin, you can choose the products you love.

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Note when using moisturizer:

Once you've chosen to buy a moisturizer that's right for your skin, you should use it properly to get the best results:

  • Keep your hands clean: If you apply lotion with unwashed hands, the skin will be very susceptible to bacteria penetration and lead to skin problems.
  • Moisturize after using toner: This is the time when the skin is easiest to absorb nutrients because the skin has been cleaned and the pores are open.
  • Use the right dose: For facial skin, you just need to use a pea-sized amount, spread a thin layer over the entire face. If you use too much or too little moisturizer, it will not provide a moisturizing effect.
  • Gentle massage: After spreading the moisturizer evenly, you should gently massage your face – this helps the nutrients penetrate faster and deeper into the skin.
  • Pay attention to the expiration date: Many people often have the habit of using cosmetics until they run out. However, you should pay attention to parameters such as expiration date and open date. Using expired cosmetics can cause skin problems.

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The above are the share of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center about how to choose Moisturizing cream suitable for every skin type. Another note when choosing to buy a moisturizer, you should choose products of reputable brands and have clear origins for the most effective and safe moisturizing. Hope this article will be useful to you, wish you have a beautiful healthy skin!

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