Will Erased Eyebrows Get Real Eyebrows Again No Details

Will Erased Eyebrows Make Real Eyebrows Again

||Question – Answer| Will Erased Eyebrows Get Real Eyebrows Again?

Can hidden eyebrows be on real eyebrows?

There are many reasons for customers to come to the service of fixing - removing eyebrows, Miss Tram can point out a few reasons as follows:

  • Eyebrows have been done before by the old method, so the phenomenon of green-red, pale-colored bloom occurs.
  • Bad eyebrow shape, not suitable.
  • Want to change the shape to be more beautiful, more luxurious, …
  • ....

After the first laser removal, the eyebrows will be white because the tattoo ink in the eyebrow area is affected by the laser light, oxidized to white, then turned brown after the second treatment.

When encountering this situation, quite a lot of "panic" customers come to Miss Tram because they are afraid of not knowing if you really can wear it anymore?

If everyone performs the modern method of tattoo removal with LASER YAG, then the eyebrows after removal are guaranteed to be normal again:

Traditional and manual tattoo removal methods such as drugs, chemicals, or burning can adversely affect the structure of the eyebrows, making it difficult for them to grow back.

+ Laser tattoo removal technology Yag Using a new generation American laser, which is a short pulse combined with 4 wavelengths 1.064 nm, 585 nm, 650 nm and 532 nm. The diversity in wavelengths allows the laser to penetrate deep inside the skin surface, actively working on all layers from the surface to the epidermis, dermis and dermis, helping to remove tattoo ink completely. and safe. When the skin is stable, the eyebrows will gradually grow back, so everyone can rest assured.

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