6 Tips to Help the Steps to Apply Cosmetics Become More Effective

6 Tips to Make Cosmetic Steps More Effective

Are you satisfied with your skin? Many women invest a lot in lines skin care cosmetics But I still don't have the perfect skin. This is due to many factors, but according to dermatologists, what you put on your skin is very important – but how you apply it determines the final result. So, to improve your skin, take note of the following tips from the experts!

Tips to Make Cosmetic Steps More Effective

1. Make sure the skin is clean before applying cosmetics

A skin that is clean and ready to Use skin care products is when: is cleaned of dirt and even the amount of cleanser remaining on the skin.

Always clean your face before applying cosmetics
Always clean your face before applying cosmetics

A lot of girls use skin cleansing products that are suitable for their skin type, but they wash their face quite through the speakers, so they can't clean all the dirt, even the residue of the cleanser. These "impurities" not only make the skin easily irritated but also prevent the nutrients from the cream from penetrating into the skin. Therefore, wash your face gently but thoroughly. (Refer to some tips to help you choose to buy smart cosmetics Best).

2. Always start with products with light textures

Toner is always the last step in cleansing steps – and also the first step in skin care. After toner, you need to use the lightest products to use – and that is serum.

Use gentle cosmetics first
Use gentle cosmetics first

According to dermatologists, applying the serum first will help the active ingredients penetrate the skin most effectively. Because at this time, the skin has just been cleaned, the pores are open and in a "ready position" to receive nutrients. As a result, difficult skin problems will be solved more thoroughly.

3. Add anti-oxidant products to your skincare routine

Active ingredients such as vitamin E, vitamin C, resveratrol, EGCG, etc. in cosmetics have extremely effective antioxidant effects. In it, vitamin C is an ingredient that the skin really needs. Because they help improve skin pigmentation, stimulate production collagen and effectively protects the skin against the effects of the sun.

Use cosmetics containing antioxidants
Use cosmetics containing antioxidants

Therefore, the addition of Skincare Products containing antioxidants like vitamin C will help your skin look younger and brighter.

**Note: Do not overlap vitamin C serum with cosmetics containing Glycolic Acid, AHA, Retinol ingredients – they will make vitamin C unstable and unable to promote its effects, and may even cause skin irritation. again. (How to choose acne skin care cosmetics the most standard you should not ignore).

4. Note the application interval for some products

The time gap apply cosmetics Not only does it help the nutrients absorb completely, but the products also maximize their benefits. According to dermatologists, you need to note the following two time intervals:

How to use skin care cosmetics?
Pay attention to the time when using cosmetics
  • With exfoliating toner (containing AHA/BHA): AHA/BHA active ingredients have the effect of removing dead cells, cleaning pores – this process takes about 15-20 minutes to complete, so you need to let the skin "rest" for about 20 minutes before embarking on the next skincare step.
  • With serum and cream: The steps of applying serum and cream should be done in about 2 minutes - this time, the skin can receive all the nutrients and go into the process of nourishment and regeneration. You should remember, between each layer of product, you should let the skin rest for about 5 minutes, otherwise the skin may be "overeating", not able to absorb all the nutrients.

5. Don't forget to lock in moisture and protect your skin with sunscreen

No matter how many serums or specialty products you use, you need to "lock in moisture" with a moisturizer. The thick layer of cream will both provide moisture to the skin and form a protective barrier for the active ingredients that have been applied to the skin before. Thanks to this, the amount of serum will be absolutely preserved and maximize its effectiveness.

How to apply cosmetics safely for the skin?
Protect your skin effectively with sunscreen

In addition, to ensure the skincare process brings results, you must apply sunscreen every day. Because the "destructive power" of UV rays is very strong, they will destroy your entire previous skincare process.

6. Know how to change and not too stereotype

According to the formula of normal skincare steps, you need to use products with liquid texture first, then thick. However, not all skin has to apply this stereotype.

Tips for applying cosmetics properly
Know how to choose good cosmetics for the skin

According to dermatologists, if you have very sensitive skin, you can try a gentle moisturizer first and then use a special serum later. Because moisturizing products for sensitive skin have simple, fragrance-free and benign ingredients – they will neutralize and soothe the skin very well before the strong activities in the serum. As a result, you will reduce the risk of skin irritation. (How to guide Identify skin with cosmetic allergy best for you).

The use of The right skin care products, at the right time will help the active ingredients to be absorbed and maximize their use. Therefore, just do it right and enough, your skin will have significant "breakthroughs". Hope this article will be useful to you. Wish you always have one skincare routine "correct" the best!

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