Get rid of Dry Skin With Simple Methods Revealed

Eliminate Dry Skin With Simple Methods

Dry skin is a common skin type of women. Without proper care, dry skin will become serious: the skin will crack, peel, be more sensitive and vulnerable. So, to improve dry skin, start now! Skin Care in the right way, very carefully and in moderation.

Posts today Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Please share about the Simple method to get rid of dry skin.

Eliminate Dry Skin Effectively With Simple Methods

1. Learn more about dry skin

Dry skin is the skin with an excessive decrease in the secretion of the sebaceous glands, leading to insufficient moisture supply to the skin and the skin barrier is also lacking, making the skin less smooth, the surface rough even. peeling, cracking. Besides causing discomfort and lack of aesthetics, dry facial skin for a long time without remedies will cause premature skin aging.

How to deal with dry skin effectively
What is dry skin? Causes and effective remedies for dry skin

The most dry areas on the body: hands, feet, shins, knees, elbows and face.

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2. Skin care steps and how to choose cosmetics for dry skin.


Makeup removal is the removal of makeup on the skin, this is the first and very important step in skin care.

How to properly care for dry skin
Remove makeup for face before sleeping

Oil-based makeup removers provide the best cleaning results, helping to remove makeup and deep clean pores. However, makeup remover will help remove makeup faster and more compactly, you do not have to wash for too long. In addition, water-based makeup remover will be gentler, not stripping the skin's natural moisture film. So, with dry skin, you should use a water-based makeup remover.

Wash your face

For dry skin, it is necessary to wash your face twice a day and do not use warm water to wash your face – this will make the skin easily lose moisture.

It is necessary to choose a cleanser with a neutral pH (pH 5.5) so as not to damage the skin barrier and retain the skin's natural moisturizing ability.

Kill death celk

For skin care, you should not skip the exfoliating step. Exfoliate at home It will help remove dry, flaky patches on the skin surface while helping to absorb nutrients better. However, you should only exfoliate 1-2 times per week and at night to avoid further irritation and dryness.

Mask for dry skin
Exfoliate dead skin cells

For dry and tight skin, the best exfoliator is from natural ingredients such as black sugar, coconut oil, honey, lemon, etc.

Moisturizing mask

After kill death celk, you should apply it right away moisturizing mask because at this time the face skin is very easy to absorb the nutrients from the mask. You can use masks available in the market or masks from natural ingredients. When choosing to buy masks, it is important to note the ingredients that are suitable for dry skin. Some kind of nature mask for dry skin: mask of fresh milk, butter, coconut oil, honey, egg yolk, etc.

Use a moisturizing mask for dry skin
Use a moisturizing mask

Regularly apply a mask for dry skin 2-3 times a week to replenish nutrients for the skin.


Use toner immediately after washing your face. Toner has the task of balancing the pH of the skin, tightening pores, moisturizing the skin and making it easier for the skin to absorb nutrients from skin care products. When using toner, pat 7 times continuously all over the face for maximum moisturizing effect.

Choose specialized toner products for dry skin, have natural extracts and stay away from products that contain alcohol. (Refer to top detox mask for dry skin safest and most effective today).


After the steps of cleaning the skin and using toner is to use moisturizing products for the skin. Moisturizing is the most important step in dry skin care.

Skin moisturizing products include: serum, moisturizer, skin care, eye cream… You should choose specialized products for dry skin so that the skin is provided with nutrients and moisture in the most appropriate way.


During the day, you should wear sunscreen to protect your skin from ultraviolet rays. Let's apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going out, remember to apply on the neck and hands as well.

Effectively remove dry skin
Use sunscreen for your skin regularly

Mineral spray

Mineral spray is an additional moisturizing product due to dry skin during a long day of activity. Mineral spray products will mostly be suitable for dry skin, but prioritize high-moisturizing mist products that contain vegetable oils, nourishing oils and antioxidant essences to replenish moisture a little. The best way for your skin.

Mineral spray, moisturizing skin
Mineral spray, moisturizing skin

Note: When choosing cosmetics for dry skin, you should give preference to products with ingredients extracted from natural, fragrance-free and absolutely alcohol-free.

3. Limit the harmful agents for dry skin

In addition to cleansing and having a proper moisturizing process, you should limit the harmful agents to the skin so that the skin is moisturized in the most effective way:

  • Limit hot showers and long baths, use shower gel instead of bath soap so that the skin does not lose its natural moisture.
  • Use gloves when washing dishes, washing clothes, cleaning the house to limit contact with detergents.
  • Wear clothes made of cotton or silk and not too tight to the body to avoid skin irritation.
  • Drinking less water causes moisture loss in the skin, so stay hydrated and maintain the habit of drinking enough water every day.
  • Not eating enough nutrition is also a cause of dry skin. When the skin is not moisturized from the inside, the process of proper skin care and moisturizing from the outside is difficult to be effective. Therefore, please fully supplement the nutritional groups and maintain healthy eating and living habits for healthy skin from within.

To have beautiful healthy skin, it is necessary to take proper care of the skin, use the right skin care products and have a healthy diet, full of nutrients. Same with dry skin. Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center shared about simple methods to get rid of dry skin, hope the article will help you. Wish you have a good skin! (Tutorial how to beautify face skin simple, fast at home).

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