Toxin Detox - Brightening Skin At Secret Spa

Detoxification Treatment - Brightening Skin At Spa

Detoxification Treatment - Brightening Skin For Lazy Woman

Toxin Detox - Brightening Skin At Secret Spa

Healthy, rosy skin is one of the desires of women. However, for lazy girls, it seems that in the dictionary there are no keywords about "white skin care", healthy skin care" or "shiny skin"….

Reveal for clumsy girls skincare or do not have time to beautify, the important thing to nourish healthy skin from deep inside is "Detox” for facial skin, REMOVES the toxins deep inside, from which the skin will be white, smooth, rosy, full of vitality and can better absorb nutrients.

The CO2 Skin Detoxification Process was born as a "lifesaver" for all women because of its benefits:

  • Spa-standard skin care with each thorough step helps to deep clean, remove sebum, acne, bacteria clinging to the skin.
  • Suitable for many skin types, improve dark spots, large pores.
  • Increases elasticity, helps skin to be smooth, rejuvenated and repels wrinkles.
  • Eliminate toxins, help skin white and pink, even-toned, strengthen skin's resistance
  • It is a premise for healthy skin to carry out the upcoming course of treatment.

The process of performing the treatment at Miss Tram:

  • Examination and consultation
  • Clean skin, massage with exfoliating products
  • Steam removes impurities for firm, smooth skin
  • For acne-prone skin, it is necessary to take the acne core
  • Apply a CO2 detox mask
  • Moisturize and apply sunscreen.

+ Note: Natural Rejuvenation Without Surgical Intervention

You will feel the "change of skin" from the first time with the CO2 detoxification process right there. Quickly book an appointment to be consulted and examined by Miss Tram specifically about your skin condition!

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