Skin Resistance Strengthening Treatment Viewpoint

Skin Resistance Enhancement Therapy

Detoxification Treatment Strengthens Skin Resistance At Miss Tram Spa

When experiencing changes in weather, age, environment, etc., the skin often receives bad signals that alarm the skin's resistance to decline, the "armor" layer shields bacteria, chemicals, and cosmetics. The toxic product has now gradually lost its effectiveness.

The weakening resistance of the skin is also the cause of the army of acne and the phenomenon of aging. Therefore, it is necessary to FAST - TIMELY add nutrients, eliminate toxins, and strengthen the skin's resistance right now.

At Miss Tram, the TOXICOLOGY is based on the action of CO2 gas, which penetrates deep into the blood vessels to promote oxygenated cells, which in turn will promote metabolism, tighten pores. and enhance resistance, self-healing ability on the skin.

Skin Resistance Strengthening Treatment Viewpoint

You will have to "whisper" because of the benefits that this Treatment brings:

  • Regenerate healthy skin, remove toxins, excess fat on the skin, return smooth white skin, even color
  • Melasma, dark spots, pimples are improved quickly
  • Increases circulation and metabolism under the skin
  • Increase elasticity, anti-aging for skin
  • Treatment of toxic skin caused by environment, chemicals, allergies after treatment with inappropriate course.
  • Suitable for all skin types such as dull, large pores, skin that has lost its elasticity...

By now, you must have known what you need to do to help your skin have a solid "armor" for your skin, right? Don't be afraid to spend, but quickly call Miss Tram for advice and schedule treatment right away!

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