How Long Does Miss Tram's Acne Treatment Treatment Last

How long does Miss Tram's Acne Treatment Treatment Last?

|Q&A|| How long does the MISS TRAM ACNE TREATMENT last?

How Long Does Miss Tram's Acne Treatment Treatment Last

The obsession with acne types always makes Miss Tram's customers feel confused and worried. Most want to quickly say "say goodbye" to acne.

So the acne treatment of Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center How long does it usually last?

- To know the duration of the acne treatment process, you OBLIGATORY You need to see a specialist for a thorough examination and skin examination.

– This step helps us to determine the acne condition and skin health to give you a suitable and effective acne skin care treatment.

However, Miss Tram will also add some information to help you have a more general view of the acne treatment process for the skin as follows:

– Acne group in mild form: Types of acne bran, blackheads, whiteheads, sebaceous fibers and endocrine acne… Duration of treatment: Maintain care 7-10 days/time

- Acne group in severe and very severe form: Acne hidden under the skin, pustules without head, cystic acne or eel vessel acne, the treatment method and time will also last from 3 to 6 months depending on the situation skin condition.

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Through this, Miss Tram just wants to remind and emphasize to you that if your skin is having problems, you must quickly take them to the doctor for examination and examination to "resuscitate" them as soon as possible. !

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