Authentic Best Oily Skin Care Process

The Best Oily Skin Care Procedure

Oily skin is always an extremely "difficult" skin type, because this skin type is very sensitive, just "neglect" a little and you may have created an opportunity for your brothers acne multiply and destroy the skin. If you unfortunately have to "befriend" with oily skin, you can apply these Oily skin care tips very standard Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center "reveal" right below to take care of your skin properly.

Effective daily oily skin care routine
What is oily skin? Causes and effective remedies

The Ultimate Guide to Oily Skin Care

1. Proper skin cleansing

For all skin types, cleansing is always a concern. For oily skin, cleansing is especially important. The first is that we need to wash our face 2-3 times a day with cleansers specifically for oily skin, this specialized cleanser will have the effect of controlling oil, reducing oiliness and balancing the pH of our skin. skin.

You also note that washing your face is necessary, but do not wash your face too many times a day to avoid drying the skin. When washing your face, you should use warm water to help open pores, this will have an effective oil reduction effect.

How to take care of oily skin effectively
There are reasonable skin care steps

Exfoliate 1-2 times a week to remove dead skin, making it easier for the skin to "breathe". Do not forget to remove makeup daily for the skin to help completely remove makeup residues on the skin that cleansers cannot completely remove. (Refer to top clay mask for oily skin safest and most effective).

2. Don't forget to shrink pores

One of the sufferings of people with oily skin is that the pores keep "blooming" to their fullest extent, drawing a path for dirt to stick to and creating conditions for acne brothers to race together. Therefore, for people with oily skin, narrowing the pores is extremely important.

The first is the proper exfoliation, as the removal of excess skin also contributes positively to the shrink pores. In addition, you need to limit makeup, should use cosmetics that are able to control oil, bring extra oil blotting paper with you for necessary cases. Every week, you can apply a face mask with lemon, tomato, clay, etc. These ingredients have the effect of reducing oil and beautifying the skin effectively. You can use rose water or apply ice to help smooth skin and shrink pores.

Use treatments to help shrink pores
Use treatments to help shrink pores

Some of you have a habit of wiping your face with your hands or squeezing acne, this is absolutely not good for your skin, can make your skin infected and create conditions for acne to "rage" more on your face.

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3. Never forget your sunscreen

Du is any season of the year and no matter what skin type you have, don't forget sunscreen. Many people think that oily skin should not use sunscreen to avoid clogging pores, but this is a completely wrong thought. Because oily skin is very "fragile", so without sunscreen protection, the skin will be easily darkened, aging, melasma, freckles, ...

On the market today there are many types of sunscreen, you should choose non-sticky creams to avoid clogging pores, should test the cream before use to avoid skin irritation.

4. Nourish the skin from the inside

There is scientific diet
There is scientific diet

For oily skin, it is not enough to take care of the skin from the outside, but also take care of the skin from the inside. Practice healthy eating habits, stay away from hot, spicy, oily, and sugary foods as well as stimuli such as alcohol, coffee, and tobacco. Instead, eat lots of green vegetables, fresh fruits and don't forget to drink enough 2 liters of water every day. You should also get enough rest, limit staying up late, overwork and fatigueres.

Oily skin It is not difficult to care for, but needs more attention than other skin types. If your skin pours too much oil, produces acne and other problems, you should go to reputable spas like Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center for deep intervention, limit oil spillage and have a special skin care regimen, to keep the skin fresh and healthy from the inside. (See more types anti aging skin mask most effective today).

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