“Pink WHITE – TIGHT SHOCKING – Evenly pigmented skin” With Red Ginseng FRESH CANCER

Introducing Red Ginseng FRESH CELL TREATMENT "RIGHT WHITE - TIGHT SHOCKING - Evenly pigmented skin" Only at Miss Tram

“Pink WHITE – TIGHT SHOCKING – Evenly pigmented skin” With Red Ginseng FRESH CANCER

Combo: "Pink WHITE - TIGHT SHOCKING - Even skin tone" With Red Ginseng FRESH CELL TREATMENT

Only 189K CZK - RESEARCH DANGEROUS SKIN – DAMAGE – Wrinkles… it's so easy, if you don't try, you'll only regret it!

Red ginseng is a valuable medicine to help prevent aging, smooth, bright, youthful skin ... making you extremely FAMILY.

fresh red ginseng cell culture
Combo of beauty treatment with fresh red ginseng cells at Miss Tram

The process of transplanting fresh red ginseng cells will never disappoint you with dozens of ADVANTAGES this is too much:

  • Restore damaged skin, increase elasticity to help skin rejuvenate and prolong its youth
  • Skin is revived, including sensitive areas: forehead, corners of eyes, nasal cavity...
  • Prevents the aging process; Evens out skin tone, helps skin become rosy, white and smooth.
  • Reduces the process of wrinkle formation, smooth skin surface.
  • Cleans and minimizes pores.
  • The treatment is suitable for all skin types, does not hurt, does not take much down time.

Register now, wait no more, girls...

Many women hear "implantation" afraid but actually it's not invasive, causing no pain and still feels very "already", everyone!

Time application: from August 01, 08 to August 2020, 31

Don't hesitate to #Comment/ Inbox or call HOTLINE 1900 7018 for advice on all your questions about the service.

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