Get Back Smooth Skin After Tet With Miss Tram Articles

Get Back Smooth Skin After Tet With Miss Tram

[Q&A] How to Get Smooth Skin After Tet?

Bright and smooth skin with the treatment at Miss Tram
Bright and smooth skin with the treatment at Miss Tram

During Tet, many women often neglect to take care of their skin and wear a lot of makeup, making their skin rough, dry and even dark. After Tet is the time to immediately implement remedial measures, otherwise this situation will last and leave unpredictable consequences.

Let Miss Tram TELL YOU the method DECLARATION OF SKIN WITH CO2 MASK Helps "revive" healthy and beautiful skin every day.

The CO2 mask treatment is based on the action of CO2 gas, which penetrates deep into the blood vessels to promote cells to absorb more oxygen. This tightens pores and enhances healing.

Also from here, the skin will gradually say goodbye to dry, dull skin or stubborn spots, freckles and acne, boosting collagen production will be a source of quality nutrition to protect stretchy - shiny - smooth skin. .

Super advantages of the method of skin detoxification with CO2 mask:

  • Improve all skin problems such as sensitive, lumpy, dark.
  • Increases skin circulation and metabolism.
  • Safe and gentle without causing strong irritation on the skin.
  • Suitable for all skin types, especially skin with signs of dullness, large pores, loss of elasticity.
  • Enhances elasticity, helps skin to rejuvenate, repels wrinkles.

The process of performing the treatment at Miss Tram:

  • Examination and consultation.
  • Clean skin, massage with exfoliating products.
  • Steam removes impurities for smooth, firm skin.
  • For acne-prone skin, it is necessary to remove the acne core.
  • Apply a CO2 detox mask.
  • Moisturize and apply sunscreen..

If you maintain this method regularly, you will continue to "enjoy" the results of your pores tightening and your skin becoming smoother as you wish, signs of aging will improve unexpectedly and become more youthful. !

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