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According to statistics from British experts, about 1-1,5% collagen is lost every day. After the age of 25, the production of new collagen begins to slow down making you has not yet entered middle age but has to face sagging, wrinkled skin.

Aging can make us lose our fresh appearance, lose confidence in life and work when we look older than a few years. That is the reason why skin rejuvenation methods were born in turn to help skin smooth, youthful, and reverse signs of aging on the skin. 

Before coming to the Pros and Cons of the current skin rejuvenation methods on the market, let's find out information related to skin aging!

What causes our skin to age?

The causes of aging are generally divided into two groups:

Internal factors

Humans are born to grow up and have to age, this is an inevitable process, this is due to an active process regulated by genes in the body.

External factors

There are many external factors that affect the skin aging process such as polluted environment, smoking habits, staying up late, drinking less water and especially sunlight (a person working in the sun will age faster). their skin chemistry can increase many times).

Why Skin Rejuvenation?

Skin rejuvenation is one of the advanced applications of cosmetic technology to solve the problems of wrinkles, skin aging, acne scars, damaged skin due to the effects of the weather of the lips. work school.

When the skin shows signs of aging, the amount of collagen and elastin under the skin is significantly reduced and causes the facial skin to sag, appear wrinkles, dark spots... Therefore, the main purpose and effect of skin rejuvenation is to prolong the youth of the skin, keeping the inherent smoothness and freshness of the skin like when it was a girl.

Who is suitable for Skin Rejuvenation

  • Cases of dry, rough facial skin, acne scars, rough, convex skin
  • Aging skin, many wrinkles, especially wrinkles on the forehead, corners of the mouth, corners of the eyes
  • Loose skin, stretch marks, less bright skin
  • Dark skin, freckles, skin pigmentation disorders

Fill in the information to be consulted about the specific causes of skin aging with you


1. Skin rejuvenation by chemical peel method hóa

Chemical peels are another way to resurface the skin. Cosmetologists use a solution and apply it to the skin for a certain period of time, after which the outer skin peels off and stimulates new skin cells to appear.


- Fades age spots, freckles

- Reduce skin wrinkles

- Reduce acne, dark spots and scars

- Helps to firm, smooth and whiten skin

– Low cost, fast implementation process


– It is easy to encounter complications, pigmentation imbalance, easy pigmentation, skin damage if the solution used is not suitable for your skin or of poor quality.

– If this method is abused, it will lead to thinning of the skin

Inability to tighten sagging facial muscles.

The cost of chemical peels ranges from 1 - 5 million/time depending on the facility

2. Skin rejuvenation with PRP bằng

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is also known as autologous blood draw rejuvenation method. In blood plasma platelets contain stem cells that have the ability to renew themselves and stimulate the production of new cells. The plasma after being separated from the blood by a centrifuge will be stimulated to produce more stem cells. After that, the plasma will be implanted into skin cells by the method of microneedling.


- This is a safe invasive technique, using the patient's own blood to regenerate and renew the facial skin

- Stimulates collagen production, helps skin to be rejuvenated

- No skin irritation, quick treatment time điều


In some cases, there may be pain or stiffness, swelling, and bruising in the treated skin area.

– Some cases due to unhygienic needles or technical errors will cause blood clots to appear after using this method. 

- Only suitable for rejuvenation on the skin surface, not effective in lifting and preventing sagging

The cost of Skin Rejuvenation with PRP ranges from 5 - 10 million/time depending on the facility

3. Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Laser is a common method in many cosmetic facilities today when using light waves to impact the skin such as CO2 laser, Toning laser, Fraxel Repair laser ... to help remove the outer skin layers, stimulate the lateral skin. The bottom produces collagen, making the skin firmer.

- No surgery, non-invasive, no dissection affecting skin structure as well as other microvascular and nerve organization.

- No pain, no complications for the skin

- The effect is obvious, the facial expression is natural, the implementation time is fast

Has the ability to stimulate blood circulation to increase the production of new skin cells, bringing a youthful skin.

If the wavelength is not adjusted appropriately, the skin will experience unwanted side effects and not achieve the expected effect.

There are side effects such as: swelling, oozing, peeling of the skin

Inability to tighten sagging facial muscles.

The cost of Laser Rejuvenation ranges from 3 - 7 million/time depending on the facility

So what is the Optimal solution for the skin to rejuvenate outside and inside the facial muscles?

Don't let the nasty guy named aging take away our youthful look and leave ugly wrinkles on our faces, let Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center share with you a SECRET.

4. Skin rejuvenation with HiFu S+ (High Intensity Focus Ultrasound) technology

Hifu technology is the only technology currently using wavelengths that can penetrate to a depth of 3.0-4.5mm below the skin's surface. This is considered the area that produces the most collagen and elastin – the cells that keep the skin firm, plump and youthful. After going deep into the dermis, high-intensity focused ultrasound waves will disperse energy and tighten muscle tissue.

HiFu S+ (High Intensity Focus Ultrasound) technology uses high-intensity focused ultrasound to generate heat of 60-70 degrees, impacting at a depth of 4,5mm to create great effects:

+ Stimulates collagen production, strengthens elastin fiber structure to help skin be nourished from the inside, becoming healthier and younger.

+ Ability to connect broken links, restructure epidermal cells, help skin smooth and fade wrinkles

+ Deep impact, support lifting, visibly improve sagging skin

+ Sharpen the contours of the face, erase the double chin, make the face slimmer

HiFu S + is considered a modern skin rejuvenation technology that can bring the expected effect.

Just apply a course that is suitable for your current condition, you will definitely notice a difference in your face, firmer, smoother skin and especially wrinkles are reduced.

The cost of rejuvenation with HIFU technology ranges from 3 - 20 million/time Depending on the treatment area and the facility


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If you want to be beautiful but without surgical intervention, without touching the cutlery, why not experience the method of skin rejuvenation and muscle lifting with HiFu S + technology?

Is HiFu S + technology at Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center safe?

HiFu S + technology has a high safety index, possessing many outstanding advantages:

+ No need to touch cutlery

+ The process is quick, non-invasive

+ No pain, no need to take time to rest

Long lasting effect, no side effects

Skin quality is improved both in terms of elasticity, suppleness and brighter, more radiant skin tone.

+ Optimize skin laxity, lift sagging tissues, and maintain skin elasticity.

+ No complications, no loss of facial expressions.

Skin is rejuvenated but still retains its natural, soft features.

Skin rejuvenation process with HIFU technology at Miss Tram

Step 1: Accurately analyze skin aging by machine to have the right treatment regimen

Step 2: Exfoliate dead skin cells, clean face

Step 3: Apply specialized gel to the area to be rejuvenated

Step 4: Carrying out the Hifu procedure

Step 5: Apply a rejuvenating mask to help combine skin care with firmness and smoothness

Step 6: Remove the mask and gently wipe the face

Step 7: Apply sunscreen to protect the skin – Complete the course

As one of the first beauty centers to successfully apply HiFu S +, Miss Tram has helped thousands of customers change their appearance, regain their youth and confidence.

Each customer when coming to Miss Tram is carefully examined by experts, accurately assessing the current condition to offer the most suitable treatment. As a result, we can commit to EFFICIENCY – SAFETY – ABSOLUTELY SATISFACTION.

Not only possessing advanced technology, Miss Tram also focuses on investing in modern equipment and facilities to create comfort for customers during the course of treatment.

With a team of knowledgeable experts, skilled KTV, Miss Tram is completely confident in the quality of service, giving her customers the best.

With Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center you can still find your radiant youth, become younger and more confident. When you give your trust to Miss Tram, we certainly will not let you down.

Experts Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center always ready to listen and advise the most effective solution for your situation. So what are you waiting for without contacting Miss Tram?

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[Frequently Asked Questions about Skin Rejuvenation with HIFU Technology]

Question 1: Hello Miss Tram, can I ask if I am 30 years old this year, can I do Hifu technology because I think when the skin is sagging, I should do it?

Miss Tram greets you, famous esthetician Renée Rouleau explained on byrdie: “Your 30s are a time of stress and hormonal changes that can wreak havoc on your skin. Growth hormone starts to slow down, so the skin won't repair itself like it did in your 20s.That is the time when you will have to face the signs of skin aging such as freckles, dark spots, crow's feet, wrinkles gradually appear, the skin also reduces elasticity.

During the time when the skin begins to show signs of aging, Hifu technology will help stimulate collagen production, strengthen the elastin fiber structure to help the skin be nourished from the inside, so that the skin becomes healthy and youthful more!

Question 2: Hi Center, I'm a man and this year I'm over 50, I wonder if this rejuvenation technology is suitable for men?

Miss Tram greets you, Hifu skin rejuvenation technology is suitable for both men and women, so I'm sure I can do it with peace of mind. You arrange a time to visit the Center directly to have a skin examination from which the specialist will give a rejuvenating treatment suitable for your condition!

Da Anh see the picture below to feel the improvement right from the first experience of skin rejuvenation with Hifu technology on one side of the face (the left side of the screen just done – the right side hasn't done yet) by artist Tiet Cuong!

Question 3: Hi Miss Tram, is the after-care Hifu rejuvenation technology as complicated as laser or needle roller?

Miss Tram hello, Hifu rejuvenation technology does not take time to rest and the skin care regimen after implementation is not complicated, here are the care information to bring the best lifting effect:

  • + Do not lie on your stomach and limit lying on your side for 7-10 days
  • + Limit sauna with hot water for 3 weeks
  • + Do not diet, lose fat during HIFU treatment because it will affect the process of increasing Collagen & Elastin.
  • + Abstain from smoking, do not use stimulants such as alcohol, beer... during HIFU treatment.
  • Limit sun exposure after treatment and apply SPF 30 or higher sunscreen when going outside.
  • + Maintain scientific living habits, reasonable time to eat and sleep, do not stay up too late because it will affect the results of wrinkle lifting treatment with HIFU.
  • + Drink a lot of water, increase the addition of green vegetables and fruits to the daily menu to supplement the amount of vitamins and minerals needed by the body. Thereby helping the skin to be restored and healthy from the inside.