The Fastest Way to Get rid of Forehead Wrinkles Insiders

The Fastest Way to Get rid of Forehead Wrinkles

Covers up to 70% of the skin structure, if your forehead appears too much wrinkle Even if the facial muscles do not work, it is a signal that the skin is lacking collagen serious. But the causes of this deficiency are many, so we need to know where the deficiency is in order to have a suitable supplement method.

How to remove forehead wrinkles effectively
Wrinkles on the forehead: causes and effective remedies

The Secret To Remove Forehead Wrinkles Effectively, Simple At Home

1. Due to lack of Collagen

The nature of Collagen is Protein and when entering the body, they will be distributed everywhere. Like other cells, collagen also ages and dies. That degeneration usually begins from the age of 30 onwards. In the early stages, the rate of degeneration is usually slow, so the signs will not be obvious. But after the age of 40, degeneration will be faster, the skin begins to stretch, muscles are no longer firm, Calcium in bones is lost, vascular tissues lose their elasticity, causing blood vessels to emerge. The appearance of wrinkles is increasing day by day.

However, for many people, collagen deficiency can occur earlier, because of mistakes in living and working habits. Many women are not yet old but have already shown signs of skin aging. (instruct the Massage movements help reduce wrinkles around the mouth the most effective).

What causes forehead wrinkles?
The sun is the main cause of wrinkles on the forehead

If you are not yet 40 years old, are facing the condition that wrinkles appear on your forehead too much even though your facial muscles have not been affected by smiling, talking, etc., try to check if you have made any of the following mistakes.

  • Exposure to intense sunlight: UV rays, besides the ability to help the body create Vitamin D, support the treatment of psoriasis, help change mood, ... are also the agent that destroys Collagen and connective tissue under the surface of the skin, thereby forming wrinkles. brown spots, causing the skin to lose its elasticity.
  • Poor diet: The structure is a protein, so the body needs a lot of substances to be able to synthesize collagen. Therefore, overeating because of work and poor mood will make it impossible for the body to synthesize collagen. In addition, scientists also found that people who plan to lose weight, but do not have a healthy diet, are also subject to severe collagen deficiency.
  • Excessive stress: Research done in the US once said that “When you are in a state of stress, the body produces a lot of Cortisol. A hormone has many harmful side effects, from high blood pressure to metabolic changes that lead to weight gain. However, the worst effect it has on beauty is breaking collagen structure. You will gradually lose the shiny skin, along with the appearance of wrinkles and crow's feet."

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2. Properly Upgrade Collagen

collagen supplement to remove forehead wrinkles
Limit prolonged stress

Unable to go against the laws of nature, collagen aging is certain to come. Only we can still slow down this process.

But for the reasons mentioned above, if you realize that your diet is unreasonable, hindering the synthesis of Collagen, then make adjustments. Accordingly, soybeans, milk, cheese, beef and cabbage are the foods you need to add in your daily meal. Because these types are rich in Proline - An amino acid needed for the production of Collagen that the body cannot synthesize on its own.

In addition, the addition of Vitamin C from papayas, bananas, strawberries, mangoes, oranges, lemons, kiwis and other dark green vegetables specifically broccoli will also help the body accelerate the synthesis process. Collagen, helps skin more firm.

Scientific food supplement
Scientific food supplement

As for stress, anxiety, pressure are common emotions in adults, the best way to be comfortable is to know the balance between work, family and your mental health. It is best to create a balance between rest and work, between sports activities and time sitting still, …

Among them, the most important is physical activity. Because basically the human body was born to work and function. When exercising, blood is circulated, circulated to organs in the body, providing more oxygen and other nutrients for cells to function properly.

According to Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center, with UV rays, you need to have deep sun protection measures for your skin such as minimizing moving outdoors when the sun is hot. In case of force majeure need to use suitable sunscreen.

But it should be noted that "no one has the same skin, if you want the right sunscreen, you need to check what skin type you have, so as not to cause irritation". Therefore, it is always necessary to do a skin test before using any cosmetics. (See tips to help Skin rejuvenation without surgery you should know).

Please contact Miss Tram if your skin is having problems or just wondering about your skin!

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