Things to avoid after lip spray Helpful

Things to avoid after spraying lips

|Things to avoid after spraying lips

Things to avoid after lip spray Helpful

"With abstinence, there is EXCELLENT BEAUTIFUL", the whole family takes notes to help Miss Tram. Because of beauty, saying that without abstaining from anything, it will be less beautiful.

But how is abstinence to be reasonable?

Depending on the method you choose to do, which method has a lot of invasiveness and damage to the tattoo area, you need to abstain a lot, for example, for lip tattoo you abstain from foods such as seafood, beef, eggs, sticky rice, water spinach, soy sauce ,. etc

The remaining methods such as embroidery or sculpting are only micro-touched on the outside of the skin, so there will be no damage, no need to abstain from food or rest. But if you are careful, just abstain for the first 3 days just like the tattoo situation above.

It is important that you choose the right reputable facility to avoid skin inflammation and itching caused by equipment that has not been properly disinfected.

Hope your lips are as beautiful as you want them to be!

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