What Effect Does Head Sculpting Combined With Shading Eyebrow Really Bring

What is the effect of Head Sculpting Combined with Eyebrow Shading?

|Question – Answer | What Effect Does Head Sculpting Combined With Eyebrow Shading Bring

What Effect Does Head Sculpting Combined With Shading Eyebrow Really Bring

Recently, have you noticed that Miss Tram "shows off" a lot of the results of customers choosing Head Sculpting combined with Shading the tail to beautify the eyebrows?

Categories Q&A get the opportunity to be "unusually busy" with questions about why people choose to combine these two methods? How effective are they?

So everyone, please focus on this sharing!

– The most outstanding advantage of sculpting is that it will produce each eyebrow according to the contours of the real eyebrow, with the same color and size as the natural eyebrows, so it is difficult to distinguish the cosmetic surgery.

Shading, also known as Ombre 3D, is a spray technique based on the darkness of colors to help eyebrows up to the most NATURAL color.

When combining the head SCRATCH and SHADING for the tail:

- Eyebrows look EXTREMELY NATURAL, ensuring 4 elements of Romance - Luxury - Sexy and Charming.

- The tail of the eyebrow will be dark and fade forward to create depth and help sharp eyebrows. In addition, the outer edge is lightly sprayed, so the eyebrows become more elegant and perfect.

– For hairless tail eyebrows, or very little hair and customers are limited in terms of time to go back and forth according to the process, shading the tail will save time.

Do you have any questions about this method? Ask a question here or send it to the FAQ section for Miss Tram for more advice!

Xem Real pictures of customers When beauty combines these 2 methods at beautiful image gallery by Miss Tram 

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