Concealer: Makeup Tips For Men Learn

Concealer: Makeup Secrets For Men

Most men often never want to admit they are using different types Skin care products and cosmetics. However, these beauty products have been the secret weapon of men who have wanted to improve their appearance over the past decade. In particular, concealer is considered one of the best saviors to hide acne spots, red spots, pits and dark circles on the face.

If you are too prejudiced about makeup, think of concealer as just a form of skin care. Because if you know how to use them, they won't leave a lot of marks on your skin – so no one will know you're using concealer both. And this post, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Please share the notes when choosing and using this cosmetic.

Concealer Concept

Beauty uses of concealer for men
Concealer for Men

Concealer is a cosmetic in the form of cream or liquid, which is used to conceal all kinds of defects on the face such as dark circles, acne, large pores or crow's feet by even out the tone. skin color.

This beauty product can completely make skin imperfections disappear temporarily. Thereby helping users have more perfect skin and more confidence when going out. However, for men, in order to conceal imperfections naturally and not be "revealed", it is very important to choose products and how to use them.

How to Choose & Use Concealer for Men?

1. Choose the right color tone

Choosing the right concealer tone will directly affect the naturalness of your skin. With dark defects such as dark circles under the eyes or dark spots of acne, pigmentation, freckles, you should use a cream with a lighter tone than your skin tone.

If you want to cover up acne spots, you need a concealer that matches your skin tone the most, otherwise this area will not only be uneven, but also stand out.

Concealer color tone for men
Choose the right concealer color tone

2. Choose the right concealer for your skin type

Just like choosing cosmetics, men should also choose a concealer that is suitable for their skin type. Eg:

  • Oily skin Opt for matte ones – in addition to concealer, they can also absorb sebum without making the face shiny.
  • Dry skin Choose a moisturizing concealer – this will ensure that the product when applied to the skin does not seep into the dead skin and cause a patchy appearance.

When choosing the right product line for your skin, they will be maximized, making the skin more perfect without any potential risks. If you don't know your skin type, do it skin test It's easy to determine your skin type.

3. Choose the right product for your needs

Common types of concealers on the market include: cream, liquid and stick products. Each cream will be suitable for different types of heavy and light defects on the face. Specifically:

  • Liquid and creamy concealers offer a wide range of coverage, are easy to apply, and stack quite easily.
  • The stick concealer has thick coverage, so it covers serious/dark blemishes better.

4. Capture the law of color compensation trừ

Surely those who are new to concealer will be a bit surprised by the products in blue, purple, pink, etc. Although they have outstanding colors, these products will quickly blend with skin color and cover up. defects in a very effective way.

how to use concealer for men
Grasp the law of color compensation of concealer

In order for concealer products after being applied to the skin to be the most natural, men need to grasp the rules of color compensation. Because basically, concealer will work based on the color wheel (opposite colors in the color wheel will cancel each other). Eg:

  • Green Concealer: suitable for redness, red acne or sunburn.
  • Concealer orange, yellow: suitable for uneven skin tone, dark circles in the eyes.
  • Purple Concealer: suitable for yellow skin imperfections.

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5. Places where concealer can be used

Concealer can be used anywhere on the face and body. Especially, with dark skin areas and many defects such as the eye area, the skin around the nose, the skin around the mouth, the shaving area... you need to pay more attention when applying the cream to get the most even skin tone.

In addition, to be safe, you should not use concealer with open wounds.

how to use concealer for men
Places where concealer can be used

6. How to apply cream properly?

If women own a "collection" of makeup brushes and sponges, men only need to use their fingers to apply concealer. Because with the effects of temperature and natural oils on the fingertips, the active ingredients in the product will easily penetrate the skin quickly.

Specifically, after cleaning your hands, use the tip of your middle or ring finger to dab the cream on the defect area (depending on the type of defect, you can use more or less cream). Then blend gently and pat several times to absorb the cream into the skin.

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For naturally perfect skin, in addition to maintaining the regime Skincare Carefully every day, men can also use concealer as a lifeline in important meetings. Because when used well, this beauty product will help men's skin perfect but still extremely natural.

The above are the share of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center on how to choose and use concealer for men. Hope this article will be useful to you. Wish you always have a good skin!

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