Do you need any diet after beautifying your eyebrows?

Do You Need a Diet or Rest?

If you want to own a satisfactory eyebrow, eyebrow embroidery is a great choice. However, many people are still afraid of spraying eyebrows, taking a long time to rest or having to abstain from misery. But the truth will make many people excited and surprised, because with today's modern eyebrow spray technology, you absolutely do not have to waste time on relaxation.

First of all we need to distinguish the forms of tattooing, spraying and sculpting eyebrows to learn more about each beauty method. Depending on the method, certain restrictions are required.

Current Methods to Beautify Eyebrows

1. Tattooed eyebrows

A form of cosmetic needles to put a quantity of colorant under the skin. First, the KTV will frame the eyebrows, then use the needle and put the ink deep under the skin according to the mold. This is an old beauty method with low cost and high durability, but the eyebrows are dark, hard, making the tattooer old and look less natural.

Do you need a rest or diet after getting your eyebrow tattooed?
Eyebrow tattoo images

Because this is an outdated method, the cosmetic needle penetrates deep into the skin, so after tattooing, the eyebrow skin area will be sore, red, swollen. After tattooing, you need to rest and abstain from many things such as: abstaining from seafood, beef, eggs, sticky rice, water spinach, soy sauce, etc. to avoid affecting the newly tattooed skin.

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2. Spray eyebrows

Similar to the eyebrow tattoo method above, but significantly improved in technology. It is still using a specialized needle to put the ink under the skin, but the super-thin needle only touches the upper epidermis, not the dermis like tattoos, so it causes less damage to the skin. After spraying, you do not spend much time resting. Eyebrow spraying time can only be kept for about 1-5 years depending on the quality of the spray.

Do you need to have a diet or rest when spraying your eyebrows?
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3. Eyebrow embroidery

A form of using a machine head with a micro-needle to put ink into the skin. The specialist will put the needle in the predetermined eyebrow shape to create each line of stripes alternating with your real eyebrows. This method brings high naturalness and less invasiveness to the skin, however, the cost of this method is quite high.

Do eyebrow embroidery need any diet or rest?
Eyebrow embroidery pictures

4. Sculpting eyebrows

This is the most modern technology available today, using a special engraving knife with a micro-blade to put ink on the skin, carving each fiber meticulously and interwoven naturally. This method brings maximum naturalness, it is difficult to distinguish real eyebrows and sculpted legs. Not only that, eyebrow sculpting is non-invasive, painless, painless, and does not require abstention or rest .

Does eyebrow sculpting need a diet or rest?
Eyebrow sculpture image

Thus, only the tattoo method has many defects and causes serious damage to the skin. So if you tattoo your eyebrows, you need to have a very hard rest and diet regimen. Later, the technology of embroidery spray became more and more modern, not only bringing natural eyebrows but also completely harmless to the skin. After spraying, embroidery or sculpting, the skin does not feel pain or swelling, so you do not need to rest much. These methods also do not require too much abstinence, so you can be completely assured of beauty. Refer Standard eyebrow sculpting procedure at the spa.

Eyebrow cosmetic methods - eyebrows that match the face

Although there is no need to abstain from miserable cream, to own a beautiful eyebrow, you need to have the right post-spray care regimen to make your eyebrows beautiful and durable.

Take care of your eyebrows after properly beautifying

  • The first is that after spraying you absolutely do not let you get dirty, make you infected. Next, it is necessary to limit the water on the eyebrows to affect the ink color.
  • After spraying eyebrows, you should clean and apply ointment according to the doctor's instructions to ensure the best color.
  • It is necessary to drink a lot of water, eat vegetables and fruits that contain many vitamins, especially vitamin C, so that the eyebrow tattoo will heal quickly and have the most beautiful natural color.
  • Although spraying, sculpting, embroidery does not hurt the skin, it is best to abstain from soy sauce or stimulants to avoid affecting the ink color.
  • When you peel, you absolutely do not scratch or peel off the scales of your eyebrows because this will affect the skin and cause the ink color to deviate from the standard.
  • In the first month after embroidery, you should not use eyebrow powder or pencil to paint over the sprayed eyebrows because it can affect the eyebrow shape as well as the ink color.
  • Depending on the beauty method and location of each person, the time of abstinence will be slightly different. These will be carefully guided by cosmetologists after spraying. You should try to follow to make sure your eyebrows are standard, durable and not hurt.

In addition, to get a satisfactory eyebrow, it is very necessary to find a quality embroidery spray center. If you want to spray eyebrows, you should choose reputable cosmetic centers like Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center To be applied the most modern embroidery spraying methods with a skilled KTV, ensuring perfect eyebrows with high durability. In particular, when spraying eyebrows with modern techniques, your skin will be non-invasive, painless, not convalescent, nor need to abstain.

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