Promotion of White Bath Package at Miss Tram Spa Truth

Promotion of White Bath Package at Miss Tram Spa

Miss Tram Promotion White Bath Package

white bath package


End of the Year Full of Offers – Take advantage of Registering to Use Safe and Effective White Bath Package at Miss Tram Spa

The tools have a saying "first in shape, second in skin", so if you are not lucky enough to have natural pink and white skin, you can still get it thanks to the SAFE - EFFECTIVE whitening bath method at Miss Tram. 

Why should you choose the WHITE BATH process at Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center?

white bath package

👍 By Miss Tram applying the Japanese whitening bath method without using bleaching chemicals: 

👍 All the vitamins and minerals in this method are extracted from natural herbs containing a lot of collagen to help nourish the skin from deep inside. 

👍 The procedure is hygienic, extremely safe and does not cause skin peeling. 

👍 No burning, no yellowing of hair and dark spots on the skin due to scars will also fade away. 

👍 to change forward on the skin doing it for the first time course of treatment. After 3-5 times, there will be bright white, rosy skin. 

Sign Up Now To Receive This Golden Offer Of Spring Canh Ty 2020:

Time application: 15/12/2019 – 15/01/2020

White bath each time 5 million reduced to 3 million

Buy package 5 times only 9.9 million >> FREE 01 Pair of Day - Night whitening cream worth 1 million

It only takes 60-90 minutes for a course of whitening bath with Japanese herbs, you have step by step reached to own a pink, smooth, radiant skin. 

Quickly call the Hotline now 1900 7018 for advice and answers to your questions! 

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