Promotion of Sickness Package at Miss Tram Spa

Miss Tram Sickness Package Promotion

Promotion of Sickness Package at Miss Tram Spa

Miss Tram Promotion of Sickness Package

sick pack

Introducing Sickness Package Promotion

“Snap the Opportunity” Slimming the Body – Experience the Slimming Treatment with Many Offers from Miss Tram

  • Time application: 15/12/2019 – 15/01/2020

Not just weight loss, Miss Tram always wants to bring a Safe - Effective method of slimming to all customers who are cherishing the dream of removing excess fat from the body. Moreover, this process also helps to create a balanced and harmonious body according to the "golden ratio".  

Take this opportunity, quickly book an appointment to slim down your body right away: 

Each time 4 million, the price is reduced to only 2.5 million/time

PACK 5 times only 10 million =>FREE 01 experience sickening other areas of the body

Sickness therapy is applied to the following areas: 

👍 Sick the abdomen

👍 Sick hands

👍 Sick the thigh area

👍 Slim face

With 3 criteria Safe – Effective – Brings Absolute Satisfaction, Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center is always rated as one of the Prestige and High Quality beauty addresses.

sick pack

👍  Customers will be directly examined by experts, evaluated and given the most suitable course for each person. 

👍  Application of modern technology, advanced equipment in the beauty process. 

👍  Effective commitment after the end of the course

👍  The customer care team will always accompany you until you are completely satisfied. 

The opportunity is only once a year – If you miss it, you have to wait until next year. So hurry up and book an appointment to receive the discount and even more beautiful!

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