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The Reason There Aren't Many Acne But Leaving Dark Spots

Acne is one of the obsessions of most girls. Although I don't often get acne, it always leaves dark spots. Together Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Find out what is the cause of acne scars that keep "closing" on your skin forever!

3 main reasons why acne scars "closed" on your skin forever

To find out why, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center provides you with some knowledge about the process of acne formation, the main stages of development as well as how to treat your acne at home improperly has contributed to making the skin more prone to darkening. Check out the 4 stages below on how acne forms!

  • Stage 1: Because the face is often exposed to dirt and is not cleaned properly, sebaceous glands are formed. And acne is the mass of sebum located in the pore.
  • Stage 2: Due to the clogged pores, increased sebum activity makes the pores accumulate more sebum. This is the precursor to those nasty pimples.
  • Stage 3: Some bacteria combine with increased sebum secretion, causing acne to become inflamed, and go deep into the pores.
  • Stage 4: When the skin cells in the pore are broken down due to an increasingly severe infection, it will spread to other areas of the skin. Acne, acne ... At this stage, the acne has completely risen to the surface of the skin, causing pain, swelling and making you have to "handle" to squeeze the acne.
Causes of acne are few but leave dark spots
Causes of acne are few but leave dark spots

And it is the uncontrolled squeezing of acne at this stage 4 that has contributed to your skin being seriously damaged and difficult to heal. In addition to the impact of sunlight, ultraviolet rays will stimulate the Melanin cell range to work strongly, forming ugly bruises on your skin. And this is the key to making your skin dark after acne.

Acne Treatments Suitable For Each Skin Type

Although not often acne, many girls "suffer" because of acne because:

1. Uncontrollably squeezing acne

As a habit of the majority of women, it is when acne has just appeared on the skin, they want to remove it immediately by arbitrarily squeezing in an "immutable" way. This method is absolutely not recommended, girls because it is possible that acne is not ripe yet and if you squeeze it, it will make your skin even more damaged and acne scars will be much harder to treat. Check out the secret skin care after squeezing acne so that the skin recovers quickly and does not leave scars.

little acne but left dark
Don't know how to squeeze acne to leave dark spots

2. Improper facial hygiene

For those of you who have sensitive skin, often acne, easily hurt, the daily skin care must be more and more thorough and thorough. In the process of acne, but you use too many cosmetics to cover that defect, the more severe the acne and the appearance of dense acne scars. Or even the habit of touching your face every day will only make the acne "closed" on your face longer. Also you can refer to the secret Wash your face properly Helps to keep the skin healthy, naturally pink and white.

3. Overexposure to the sun

After squeezing acne is when the skin is soft and most vulnerable. When exposed to direct sunlight and ultraviolet rays, it is easier to form dark spots.

little acne but left dark
Direct exposure to the sun will easily form dark spots

Obviously, if you clearly understand the causes of bruises, making the skin prone to darkening just mentioned above by Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center, then surely you also have more knowledge to be able to limit this situation. Some home remedies for acne scars are as follows:

  • Do not arbitrarily touch and touch the swollen, inflamed acne and limit squeezing because if you do so, it will accidentally leave bruises on your face.
  • Should wear a mask or use sunscreen when going out to prevent the impact of the sun from making acne worse.
  • Create a habit of cleaning your face every day, using a gentle cleanser suitable for acne skin.
  • Drink enough water every day, which helps to remove toxins and provide moisture to the skin.
  • Limit eating hot spicy foods, sweets, fried foods and stimulants such as beer, alcohol, cigarettes, etc.

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No one wants to have acne, but having acne after acne is even more undesirable. Through this post, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Hope to bring you useful information about the causes of dark scars after acne and effective treatment. Please protect your skin properly so that it is no longer an obsession every time you have acne!

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