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Dry Lips – A Warning Sign The Body Is Vitamin Deficiency

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, the lips are the sexiest part of the face. Today, many women abuse lipstick to increase the charm, but forget that taking care of your lips is much more important. If you take care of your lips properly, but your lips are still dry, the cause may be inside your body. Today's Post, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Please share about the topic Dry lips - Signs that the body is deficient in vitamins.

Causes of Dry Lips

1. Lack of water

Water plays a very important role in the body. In particular, like the skin, lack of water will make the lips lack moisture, leading to dry lips, and in the long run can cause lips to peel. So, drink at least 2 liters of water a day to always have a healthy body and provide enough moisture for your lips..

Lack of water leads to dry lips
Water plays a very important role in the body

2. Lack of vitamins

Vitamins and minerals are very important for the body. Although only a very small amount is needed, if not supplemented with vitamins, the body will immediately give warning signs. So, if you still take care of it properly, but suddenly dry lips can be a sign of vitamin deficiency.

In addition, a diet that does not ensure enough nutrition can also be the cause of a lack of nutrients, thereby making your lips dry and lifeless. Therefore, have a reasonable diet, full of necessary nutritional groups to have a healthy body and provide enough nutrients for plump lips.

Causes of dry lips
Vitamin deficiency leads to dry lips

3. Due to illness

Dry, chapped lips can be a sign of diseases in the body. For example, thyroid disease, psoriasis can cause dry lips; Perleche disease or diabetes can also cause the skin around the mouth to become dry, flaky, and even sore. In addition, the use of medication also causes a side effect of dry lips. In addition, you can refer to 7 Causes of dry lips, basic cracking.

Essential vitamins for lips

As you know, the body only needs a small amount of vitamins, but if you don't supplement it enough, there will be alarm signs right away. Dry lips are also a warning sign that the body is lacking in vitamins:

1. Vitamin B2

essential vitamins for lips
Supplement vitamin B2 for lips

Vitamin B2 – also known as Riboflavin – is an essential ingredient for maintaining the health of your nails, skin and lips. Vitamin B2 deficiency will cause itchy lips, dry lips and possibly cracked lips. On average, an adult needs 1.7 mg of Vitamin B2 per day.

Foods rich in Vitamin B2: meat, fish, eggs, almonds, mushrooms, broccoli, etc.

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2. Vitamin B3 (Vitamin PP)

vitamin b3 good for lips
Nutritionists recommend that we consume between 13-20 mg of Vitamin B3 per day

Vitamin B3 also known as vitamin PP, is a complex form of Niacin, if the body lacks this vitamin can lead to dry skin, cracked lips, swelling of the mouth and tongue. In addition, Vitamin B3 has the function of reducing high cholesterol levels in the body, treating respiratory and vascular disorders, good support for blood circulation and normal brain activity, helping to enhance memory. According to nutritionists, we should consume between 13-20 mg of Vitamin B3 per day.

Foods rich in Vitamin B3: mushrooms, avocados, legumes, green vegetables, cereals…

3. Vitamin B6

Warning signs of vitamin deficiency in the body
Vitamin B6 is good for lips

One of the main reasons why dry lips due to vitamin B6 deficiency. Vitamin B6 is called pyridoxine, a deficiency of this vitamin can cause skin disorders, dermatitis and cracked corners of the mouth. On average, each adult woman should consume 1,3 mg of Vitamin B6 per day.

Foods rich in Vitamin B6: meat, fish, eggs, milk, chicken liver, nuts, green vegetables, bananas, avocados...

4. Vitamin C

vitamins good for lips
Vitamin C helps lips to be plump and rosy

Surely every woman knows the importance of Vitamin C for the skin. Vitamin C helps the skin to be bright, smooth and to maintain its youthfulness. With the same lips, vitamin C helps the lips to be glossy and rosy; Without this vitamin, the lips will be dry and dark. According to nutritionists, women need at least 75mg of Vitamin C per day.

Foods rich in Vitamin C: kiwi, strawberry, orange, guava, pineapple, papaya; bell peppers, broccoli…

5. Vitamin A

Vitamin A supplements for healthy lips
Each person needs to supplement 1mg of Vitamin A per day

Vitamin A is not only important for the eyes, but also plays an important role in skin cell regeneration and anti-inflammatory. When the body is deficient in vitamin A, it can cause you to experience skin problems such as dermatitis, itchy skin, dry skin, dry cracked lips and other more serious manifestations such as dry eyes, memory loss ... On average, each person needs to supplement with 1mg of Vitamin A per day.

Foods rich in Vitamin A: carrot, sweet potato, pumpkin, dark green vegetables, cheese, dried fruit, seafood, ...

To have a healthy skin, as well as healthy lips, each of us needs to have the right skin care methods and pay attention to our diet and daily activities. In particular, it is necessary to pay attention to adding a variety of vegetables and fruits to fully supplement the necessary vitamins, helping the skin and lips to be healthy and beautiful from the inside. Hope this article will help you, wish you always have a smooth lips.

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