The Cause of Dry Lips Irritability Full

Causes of Dry Lips Discomfort

There are many cases dry lips year round. Whether you use lip care products No matter how good, the lips are still dry and sometimes flaky. With these cases, perhaps dry lips are not necessarily caused by the external environment, but the problem sometimes lies in your own living habits. And Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center discover the Causes of dry lips be uncomfortable!

Causes of Dry Lips Discomfort

1. Lack of water

Causes of dry lips
Replenish the amount of water needed by the body every day

Water plays a very important role, the first manifestation of dehydration is dry skin, and so are the lips. If you don't drink enough water for a long time, lips become dry and flaky. In particular, if you regularly work outdoors or sit in the air conditioner, your body will quickly lose water and make your lips chapped more quickly. At this time, as long as you add water and maintain the habit of drinking enough water every day, the body will balance itself and provide enough moisture for the lips. (Learn about collagen lip spray technology – One of the leading lip spray technology chosen by many people.

2. Do not protect your lips when going out

Note when taking care of dry lips
Always moisturize and protect your lips when going out

Lips are like skin, if the lips are exposed to the sun containing UV rays for a long time, the lips will be darkened, dry and cracked. Let's Find a lip balm with the right sunscreen ingredients to help protect your lips from UV rays and remember Wear a mask to protect your lips best.

3. Do not exfoliate your lips

What to do with dry lips?
Exfoliate your lips according to the schedule

Lips that are not cared for, carefully exfoliated, will easily dry and peel when meeting changes in weather. The cause is due to dirt, dead cells clinging and keeping on the lips for a long time. So, Like facial skin, lip skin should be exfoliated twice a week to remove dirt and degraded skin. At the same time, it enhances the stimulation of new cells to produce more, helping the lips stay youthful.

4. Habit of licking lips

Causes of dry lips
Limit frequent lip licking

When feeling that their lips are dry, many people often have the habit of licking their lips. This is a very serious mistake, this habit helps us to feel less dry lips but is one of the leading causes of dry lips.

Reason: In the saliva solution contains enzymes, inorganic salts, proteins, amylase (a starchy enzyme) that helps digest substances in food. When you lick your lips, your lips will immediately feel more moist, but when the water in the solution evaporates, leaving amylase sticky on the surface of the lips. This substance will make the skin of the lips shrink and more easily dry.

Therefore, if you are in the habit of licking your lips, you need to quit immediately so as not to affect the health of your lips. (Learn about deep suction technology, micro-touch collagen lip spray Hottest today).

5. Diet

A diet that does not ensure enough nutrition can also be the cause of a lack of nutrients, thereby causing your lips to become dry, cracked, and flaky. Take a full complement of vegetables that contain:

  • B vitamins (found in cereals, nuts, eggs, milk, butter, etc.) prevent aging, treat dark spots and soften lips.
  • Vitamin E (found in many vegetable oils, almonds, green vegetables, papaya, mango ..) antioxidant, brightens lips.
  • Vitamin C (found in oranges, broccoli, strawberries, papaya, pineapple, ..) helps lips fight free radicals from ultraviolet rays, promotes metabolism and prevents aging.
There is scientific diet
There is scientific diet

In addition, consuming too much Vitamin A (found in animal liver, carrots, pumpkin, ...) will cause dry lips, so you should pay attention when the daily menu contains a lot of these foods. .

6. Use toothpaste

Causes of dry lips
Choose a toothpaste that is less likely to cause dry lips

Why can toothpaste be the cause of dry lips? Because some toothpastes today contain ingredients sodium lauryl sulfate This substance can irritate the lips, making them dry and chapped. So, after brushing your teeth, remember to pay attention: if your lips feel uncomfortable, cracked, try another toothpaste. (Refer to tips Determine the lip line before spraying current standards).

7. Due to illness

In addition to the above causes, chapped lips are sometimes caused by a number of diseases from within the body. For example, thyroid disease, psoriasis can cause dry lips; Perleche disease or diabetes can also cause the skin around the mouth to become dry, flaky, and even sore. Therefore, if you have tried everything and your lips are still dry and cracked, you should consider going to the doctor for timely treatment, not too bad for your health.

Hope that the sharing of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center will help you find the cause of your dry lips, always have a good living habit to keep your body and lips healthy and beautiful!

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