Eyebrows Just Finished Spraying But Darkening Color How To Fix It Find Out

Eyebrows Just Finished Spraying But How To Fix Dark Color

The eyebrows are bold, out of tone compared to the original plan, the initial tone I wanted is the passion of many women when doing it. cosmetic eyebrow tattoo spray.

[Q&A] How to Fix Eyebrow Just Finished Spraying But Darkening Color?

Eyebrows Just Finished Spraying But How To Fix Dark Color
The reason and the secret to fix the eyebrows that have just finished spraying are dark

Causes after eyebrow tattooing are dark:

With the fact that after spraying, cosmetic eyebrow tattooing can be caused by the use of Unsecured ink, non-standard ink mixing, poor workmanship Going too deep with the needle makes the skin dull or due to the body of each customer…etc

To overcome the condition of eyebrows that are too dark, there is a lot of information online as follows:

+ The simplest way for you is that you can mix salt with lemon juice. Then gently dab on the dark bushy area. Leave for about 20 minutes and then rinse with clean water.

+ This method is simple, anyone can do it at home, but it is easy to leave scratches, burning pain, smeared ink color, but the effect is not high. And especially when the scratch, burning pain will make your eyebrows scar and very difficult to overcome later.

Miss Tram VietNam It is not recommended to do it this way. Look to instead technology remove tattoo ink color bold at prestigious Spa facilities, with Reputable tattoo removal method, the most modern today.

Technology to remove ink color at Miss Tram Spa:

+ This method is performed by a laser machine, based on the wavelength energy emitted by the laser to break the bonds between molecules. tattoo ink and eliminated directly through the lymphatic system, the smart wavelength will recognize the dark pigmented area of ​​the tattoo ink, without affecting other skin areas.

+ After remove eyebrow tattoo ink You wait about 3-5 weeks for the eyebrows to stabilize and then proceed sculpting eyebrows, eyebrows New fit your face.

+ Advice for you after tattoo removal After that, you should rest as much as possible, eat vegetables, other vitamins, eat a lot of fruits and add water to help the body recover soon, avoid contact with water.

Laser tattoo removal technology at Miss Tram no burning sensation, no scarring is the most important thing when taking the step sculpture next Get the best standard eyebrow shape with the most suitable ink color. Quickly contact, send a message or comment below to leave information for us for dedicated advice!

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