Helpful Remedy for Ingrown Hairs

Overcoming Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs is no longer a strange problem for many people. This phenomenon will cause the surface of the skin to become rough, accompanied by a burning sensation due to the inward stabbing of the hairs for no apparent reason. Ingrown hair is also the first stage of inflamed pores, if not handled in time can develop into pimples, pimples.

So, to better understand this skin condition and the most timely way to fix it, don't ignore this article. Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center ok

How To Fix Ingrown Hairs

1. What is ingrown hair?

As a rule, normal hairs will quickly grow on the surface of the skin when they are new. However, there are some hairs that curl under the skin instead of growing out as usual – this is the phenomenon of ingrown hairs.

What causes ingrown hairs?
What is ingrown hair? Causes and remedies for ingrown hairs

To recognize the condition of ingrown hairs, you can rely on some of the following characteristics:

  • Hair grows downwards as soon as it is sprouted, resulting in hair growth under the skin.
  • Hair grows beyond the epidermis, but reverses and penetrates below the skin.

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2. What Causes Ingrown Hairs?

According to dermatologists, the main cause of ingrown hairs is due to Improper hair removal process or regular. This causes the hair follicles to be overexposed, new hairs cannot grow normally, causing hair to grow under the skin.

Ingrown hairs cause inflammation on the skin
Ingrown hairs cause inflammation on the skin

Besides, not regularly exfoliating will cause the outer horny layer to accumulate, making clogged pores. As a rule, hairs will grow out of the pores, but when the pores are blocked, the hairs are forced to grow back in.

So, what does this condition cause on the skin?

  • Ingrown hairs will cause unsightly skin conditions (especially in the chin, arms, and legs).
  • Ingrown hairs cause the pores to widen, and the skin becomes rough and rough.
  • This phenomenon will create a favorable environment for bacteria to invade. If not treated promptly, bacteria will cause inflammation, leading to inflammation of the pores, pimples, and rashes.
  • Removing ingrown hairs the wrong way will cause serious damage to the skin, even leaving bruises and bad scars. (Pore ​​cleaning tips simple, effective right at home you must know).

3. Fix ingrown hairs at home

Overcoming ingrown hairs is not too difficult if you choose the right and safe method. In particular, this skin condition cannot heal on its own and will gradually get worse, so it's best to handle it promptly. Miss Tram would like to guide you through the following simple steps:

Simple and safe way to handle ingrown hairs at home
Simple and safe way to handle ingrown hairs at home
  • Step 1: Use a hot towel to cover the ingrown hairs for 15-20 minutes to open the pores.
  • Step 2: Exfoliate the skin – this step helps to clear it pores. You should use granular exfoliating products, gently massage into the skin to effectively remove dead skin layers.
  • Step 3: Use sterilized tweezers or specialized tools to pluck or pull out the ingrown hairs under the skin slowly. After removing stubborn hairs, disinfect the area to clean the skin.

4. Skin care, hair removal how to prevent ingrown hairs?

Fix ingrown hairs
Skin care, hair removal at prestigious spa addresses

Like Miss Tram VietNam As mentioned, ingrown hairs are mainly for improper hair removal. So, to prevent this situation, you need to pay attention when performing hair removal methods at home:

  • Hair removal with a razor: CShave hair in the direction of hair growth, avoid shaving too close to the skin, use shaving gel or shaving foam, change razors often, and don't shave too often.
  • Wax hair removal: Wax hair in the opposite direction of hair growth and only done when the skin is healthy, the hairs grow long enough and needs regular exfoliation.
  • Pluck: LWarm the skin before plucking so that the process is easy, painless and does not cut hairs.

One note is that when performing home hair removal measures such as shaving, waxing, and plucking regularly, the hairs will grow stronger afterwards. This makes the process of removing them also more and more difficult, which means more risk of ingrown hairs. 

Therefore, you should refer to the Modern hair removal method with laser technology. Because modern laser technology will remove hairs thoroughly, long-term and prevent ingrown hairs most effectively.

Fix ingrown hairs
Safe and effective hair removal treatment at Miss Tram Spa

Currently, Miss Tram is applying high-tech laser hair removal solutions. With modern technology and machinery, life steps will penetrate the epidermis, gently acting for the hair follicles to shrink and no longer receive nutrients to grow. 

With a safe and fast hair removal process with advantages such as: no skin invasion, no burning or any side effects; Miss Tram confidently brings the most satisfaction to all customers.

The above are the share of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center about ingrown hairs as well as effective remedies. Ingrown hairs It's very easy to prevent and treat, so you can completely do it at home. However, for cases of infection, you need to consult a dermatologist. (Refer to the Factors affecting skin health you need to know to take effective remedial measures).

Or, use the hi-tech hair removal service To remove hairs thoroughly, prevent ingrown hairs in the most effective way. Hope this article will be useful to you. Wish you always beautiful!

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