Fixing Broken Eyelid Spray Error Principle

Fixing Broken Eyelid Spray Error

For cases of beautification by method eyelid spray But unfortunately it is damaged, how to handle and fix it? The following article by Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center will help you find the answer!

Fixing Broken Eyelid Spray Error

Because they want to have big, round and sharp eyes, but don't know (or are afraid) to line their eyelids, many people, especially girls, have resorted to the help of eyelid spray method. It can be said that this is a painless, low-cost beauty method that overcomes many disadvantages of the eyes such as small eyes, monolid eyes, so it is very popular. However, eyelid spraying is not always as perfect as one would expect, in fact, cases of broken eyelid spraying still happen frequently.

Beautiful and safe eyelid spray technology at a prestigious spa
Beautiful and safe eyelid spray technology at a prestigious spa

There are different methods of eyelid spraying:

  • Spray natural eyelids
  • Eyelid spray with tail
  • Spray fishtail eyelids
  • Spray eyelids

No matter which type of spray you choose, it is still based on the same method that KTV uses a micro-head sprayer to put a small amount of ink into your skin, helping to create an eyelid contour for the eyes.

It sounds simple, but in order to create a perfect eyelid border, it requires the tattooing center to meet many factors such as equipment, ink quality or the skill of the needle holder.

In fact, cases of broken eyelid spraying still happen every day in poor quality embroidery centers. Damaged eyelid spray errors can be mentioned below. (Eyelid spray is a diet? - Listen to the sharing from the most experienced people).

1. Eyelid contour is not sharp

The cause of the error is because the KTV's skills are still weak, the needle is too fast or too deep, and lacks decisiveness. As a result, the eyelid contour is not as perfect as desired, reducing the attractiveness and flexibility of the eyes after spraying.

If this is the case, the KTV will use laser or skin ink to erase the smeared skin, making the eyelids sharper.

2. Eyelids are stained

The main cause of this condition is because the KTV uses the needle unevenly and because the needle goes too deep, causing ink deposition on the skin, causing the eyelid skin to become discolored. If this is the case, you must use a laser to erase the area of ​​the skin that sprayed the error and then proceed to spray a new eyelid.

3. Eyelids are green

How to deal with blue eyelids safely and effectively
How to deal with blue eyelids safely and effectively

This is a very difficult situation to fix. The cause could be:

  • Ink quality is not good
  • Incorrect color mixing ratio
  • Wrong needle injection technique

If it's light, you can use specialized ink to treat HS-1Ni blue sprayed directly on the eyes, in case of severe eyelid defects, KTV will conduct laser eyelid removal before proceeding to spray new eyelids. (Is eyelid spraying dangerous?? See the answers to the questions about eyelid spray and what you need to know.)

Limit spraying damaged eyelids

In order to limit the case of damaged eyelid spray, in addition to reasonable post-injection care, you need to choose a quality tattoo spray facility that fully meets the following requirements.

Modern spray technique

The more modern spraying technique, the more beautiful and natural the color will be, and avoid affecting the skin. After spraying, the eyelids do not hurt, do not swell and you do not need to rest, the time to keep the color of the eyelids lasts so you can rest assured when spraying your eyelids.

Quality inkjet ink

Pay attention to the quality of tattoo ink
Pay attention to the quality of tattoo ink

Inkjet ink not only directly affects the spray quality, but also affects human health. Therefore, choosing a facility that uses quality inkjet ink with natural ingredients imported directly from abroad such as Germany and Korea is very important.

Good KTV

fix broken eyelid spray error
Choose a spa with a skilled KTV

As we have seen, most of the errors in eyelid spraying are related to the level of the needle holder. Therefore, a quality tattooing facility must have a team of good KTVs who use the right needles to help them achieve the perfect color and the most beautiful eyelid shape.

Warranty after spraying

The warranty after spraying also plays a very important role, because depending on the location of each person, after spraying, the eyelids may be discolored. Then, a good warranty will fix all problems after spraying, helping you have the most perfect eyelids.

Choose a spa with a warranty after tattooing
Choose a spa with a warranty after tattooing

Currently, there are very few cosmetic tattooing facilities that can meet all these requirements, and Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Proud to be one of them. Miss Tram is committed to bringing you perfect eyelids, making you more beautiful every day.

In addition, if you encounter a case of damaged eyelid spray, please contact Miss Tram, our experienced estheticians will help you thoroughly overcome this problem, giving you beautiful eyelids. Miss Tram is proud to bring beauty to thousands of people, helping them to be more confident, beautiful and successful in life. (Refer to instructions on How to handle when spraying eyelids with color standard, safest).

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