How To Fix Blue Eyebrows Safely Belief

How To Fix Blue Eyebrows Safely

How To Fix Blue Eyebrows Safely?


Hello Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center, I used to have my eyebrows done in the countryside but now they are blue. I'm so confused, can't Miss Tram's side have this way to make it beautiful again? Hope Miss Tram give you advice. Thank you very much!

(Bich Chi – 22 years old – Dong Thap)

how to fix blue eyebrows
Blue eyebrows: causes and solutions


Hello Bich Chi, with eyebrows that have been done and colored, the first thing you should do is process the old color so that later Spraying or new Sculpting will not be colored.

Currently, the method of removal or treatment has also been more advanced, so you can rest assured that you will not leave scars. You should visit Miss Tram for expert examination and advice, absolutely do not go to unreliable facilities, it will be worse, money will be lost, it will be difficult to repair later!

For old ink that has faded but has faded, you can handle powder spraying or sculpting. If the ink is dark, you can erase it lightly and redo it and it's beautiful! (Refer tattoo spray method for men and women the most popular choice today).

Safely handle green eyebrows
Handling green eyebrows at Miss Tram

1. Why are eyebrows colored?

Colored eyebrows after tattooing is quite common in women after eyebrow tattooing, for the following reasons:

  • Due to the physical factors of each person: Oily skin, do not eat ink spray, so the ink color fades and changes color.
  • Care after tattoo spray: After tattooing, arbitrarily peel off the scales, do not keep the tattoo spray area clean according to the instructions of the specialist, let the cleaning chemicals touch the tattoo spray area, etc., causing the ink color to be changed.
  • Spray tattoo at an unreputable address
  • Poor quality tattoo ink, resulting in oxidized ink and greening
  • Outdated tattoo spray technology, causing skin damage and changing ink color
  • The skill of tattoo spray technicians is still poor, causing the effect after tattooing to be unsatisfactory and color changing.

Therefore, to avoid this case, women should only perform cosmetic tattooing at reputable addresses.

2. Solution for discolored eyebrows

The following is the method of eyebrow treatment that has been done by the most favorite customers at Miss Tram. From there you will have a better overview of which eyebrow correction is right for you, the goal is BEAUTIFUL, SAVING and SAFE.

Treatment with European Standard Solution

This method is fast, painless, and can be done right away. This is the most perfect method of getting the color out of the skin today and it is completely possible to do Spray / Sculpt again without losing time like Laser removal.


  • The process is gentle, non-invasive
  • Cost-saving
  • Does not affect real eyebrows
  • There is no downtime, the new method can be implemented immediately afterwards.
  • Completely process blue/red ink… without laser
  • Treatment with European solution + New eyebrow sculpture at Miss Tram
What to do when eyebrows are green?
Technology to treat green eyebrows with a European standard solution


  • The time to completely remove the old ink can take 1-3 times depending on the depth of the old tattoo ink. Through each examination, the specialist will conduct a test to make the new eyebrows more beautiful and natural.
  • Currently, very few establishments can handle with European solutions, you should be careful with facilities that erase with eraser cream of unknown origin or acid that damages the skin, causing loss of money.

To know more about how to handle when your eyebrows are green, please come directly Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center to have the esthetician check the old tattoo area and advise the most suitable solution. If you have any other questions, please contact the hotline: 1900 7018 for free and dedicated advice from Miss Tram's beauty experts. (Refer to the The secret to helping eyebrows stay color over time you must know).

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