The difference when performing the CO2 . Laser procedure

Experiencing CO2 Laser Treatment, Detoxing BT Customers at Miss Tram Spa

BT's Skin Results After CO2 Laser Treatment, Toxin Removal At Miss Tram

Among the treatments at Miss Tram Spa must mention CO2 Laser Treatment, Eliminate Toxins The staff is "looking forward" to the most results, because it is so happy to see the customer from the first time that the skin still has many defects until the skin is beautiful.

And today Miss Tram VietNam share with customers the results of BT's skin after it is done CO2 Laser Treatment, Toxin Removal.

You can also see, the original skin of BT quite a lot of acne on the temples and cheeks, rough facial skin with pitted scars because of "clinging" acne for a long time. After performing the examination and skin examination, KTV immediately started to perform the treatment for her.

Before performing the CO2 laser procedure
Before performing the CO2 laser procedure, the skin on the face is lumpy, dark and large pores.
Before conducting CO2 laser treatment
Before conducting CO2 laser treatment, many acne on the temples and cheeks.

The results after 1 treatment brought joy to BT when acne is significantly reduced, swelling is reduced, pitted scars are also treated, BT looks more confident always.

After CO2 laser treatment
After CO2 laser treatment, acne is significantly reduced, swelling is reduced and pores are minimized.

What, skin care is very necessary for women, if any customer has low self-esteem about their skin, please visit immediately. Miss Tram VietNam for advice and treatment.

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