Beautify your eyebrows by sculpting with yarn for Ms. Phung Nghi Emphasis

Beautify Your Eyebrows By Sculpting Threads For Sister Phung Nghi

Although she has clear eyebrows, Ms. Phung Nghi is not really satisfied when her eyebrows grow messy, making her eyebrows a bit "rough". Therefore, she went to Miss Tram to quickly take care of her eyebrows.

Through the expert's advice, Ms. Phung Nghi knows that eyebrow sculpture is one of the most modern beauty methods for eyebrows and can completely help her overcome existing shortcomings.

When using this method, the specialist will use a special engraving knife with a micro-blade to put tattoo ink on the skin, carve each strand meticulously and naturally intertwined to help Ms. Nghi get the most satisfactory eyebrows. .

Let's take a look at the results of Ms. Phung Nghi's eyebrows right below! 


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