The Results of Sculpting Eyebrows for Oily Skin of Sister Tam Secret

Result of Sister Tam's Eyebrow Sculpture for Oily Skin

Eyebrow sculpting is the most advanced eyebrow beautifying technology today chosen by many women. But not everyone sculpts the same way.

In some cases where customers have scars on their eyebrows, hang their eyebrows, the color of ink sprayed before they bloom... the specialist must always pay attention to have a process suitable for each case.

As in the case of Ms. Tam below, Ms. Tam's skin is oily, so in the process of sculpting eyebrows, experts need to pay attention, focus and do it carefully. If you are not careful, it can easily lead to ink spills, uneven colors, or not done carefully.

With a team of experienced experts of Miss Tram, after only 45 minutes of implementation, she completed beautiful, even and very natural eyebrows for Ms. Tam.

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