Result of Super Beautiful Eyebrow Sculpture for Sister Huyen Simple

Result of Super Beautiful Eyebrow Sculpture for Sister Huyen

With a line of eyebrows with a slightly small head, sparse and pale eyebrows; Huyen shared her desire to own a new and sharper eyebrow with Miss Tram VietNam.

Thanks to enthusiastic advice from experts, Ms. Huyen decided to "refurbish" her eyebrows with the method of Sculpting eyebrows with natural fibers. 

This method will help you have eyebrows following the contours of real eyebrows with a slightly large, light head and a small middle part combined with a sharp tail. Each eyebrow is meticulously sculpted by Miss Tram's experts, intertwined with real eyebrows, so it will be difficult to recognize after doing.

Let's look and compare the results that Miss Tram has changed for Huyen!

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