Guide to feng shui eyebrow

Guide to Beautiful And Feng Shui Eyebrows

Since ancient times, our grandparents have always told each other that watching eyebrow of a man or a woman can partly predict the character and fate of that person, good or bad. So what is a good feng shui eyebrow? And how to pose and feng shui eyebrows? Let's find out through the following article of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center ok

What are feng shui eyebrows?

According to anthropology, looking at the overall five senses, the eyebrows are the highest part of the face and play a very important role, having a great influence on the number and fate of the client.

feng shui beautiful eyebrow
Beautiful eyebrows in accordance with feng shui

Eyebrow feng shui (also known as eyebrow general) is based on the shape of the eyebrows to identify the area and destiny of the owner. A pair of eyebrows that is considered suitable for feng shui needs to have the following factors:

  • Eyebrow shape suitable for each face.
  • Eyebrow color matches skin color, hair color.
  • Eyebrows grow toward the back of the eye.
  • Eyebrows have a reasonable length, do not grow messy.
  • The width of the eyebrows should be even with moderate curvature.
  • In particular, the eyebrows must be like that, with a sharp shape, clearly showing prosperity and fortune.

Not everyone is born lucky to have perfect eyebrows. To own beautiful and feng shui eyebrows, in addition to choosing eyebrow embroidery methods, you can shape and draw your eyebrows every day. Today's article, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center will guide you how to draw the most beautiful and feng shui eyebrows.

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Guide to beautiful and feng shui eyebrows

1. Choose the right eyebrow shape for your face

Basic eyebrow shapes: Straight (horizontal eyebrows), Curved (curved eyebrows), Soft Arch (angled eyebrows), High Arch (angled eyebrows), “S” Shaped and Upward (upward eyebrows). Depending on the short length and angularity of the face, you will choose for yourself the right eyebrow shape - both to make the face brighter and to cover the face defects:

Choose the right eyebrow shape for your face
Choose the right eyebrow shape for your face

Oval face:

Oval face is slim, long and shaped like an upside down egg. If you own an Oval face, you are extremely lucky because this face is suitable for many different makeup styles as well as different accessories. With eyebrows too, this face is also suitable for most types of eyebrows. Note, you should not draw the eyebrows too straight or too curved, or too angular - it will not enhance the soft drawing of the face.

Square face:

This is the perfect face type for men, but it is a minus point, losing the femininity of women. With this face, you need a soft and powerful eyebrow at the tail to help slim the jawline and balance the contours of the face.

Long face:

For those who own a long face, you should choose for yourself a horizontal, thick and short eyebrow shape to make the face look shorter. Note, with this face, you should not draw the original eyebrow shape or arched eyebrows - they will make your face longer.

Heart face:

A heart-shaped face is characterized by a wide forehead and cheekbones, a V-line chin, and a balanced face.

The most suitable eyebrow shape for a heart-shaped face is the arched eyebrow or the original eyebrow type - the eyebrow shape is drawn on a slightly curved face, even and the tail is not too thin. So that when drawing a heart shape on the face, the eyebrow is the top point of the heart and the chin is the bottom point. Depending on the width of the forehead and the pointed chin, you should adjust the up or down curvature of the eyebrows to balance these two points properly. 

Round face:

If you have a round face, the first thing to note when shaping your eyebrows is to pay attention to the thickness of your eyebrows. If thick eyebrows will make the face look bigger, so you should draw thin eyebrows for this face. The most suitable eyebrow styles for this face are angled eyebrows (Soft Arch, High Arch) – this type of eyebrow will make your face look harmonious, less full and create a more angular face. .

With a round face, you should avoid eyebrow styles: horizontal eyebrows (will make the face look bigger) and arched eyebrows (will make the face look rounder).

Diamond face:

The feature of this face is that the cheekbones are the largest, then the forehead area and finally the pointed chin – the face shape resembles a diamond. With this face, you should choose a slightly curved eyebrow style, slightly pressing at the tail to harmonize and soften the face. In addition, the "S" shape eyebrow style is also an impressive and unique eyebrow style for the diamond face.

Other faces:

With you not able to determine your face type or have many points of face types, how to choose the right eyebrow shape? Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center would like to share the following two notes:

  • Horizontal eyebrows will make the face look shorter, and arched or angled eyebrows will make the face look longer.
  • The curve will soften the angular lines on the face. If you want to give yourself an impressive or angular face, you should choose a curved or angled eyebrow style.

Therefore, if you cannot determine the type of face, then depending on the length and angle of the face, you will adjust for yourself a most suitable eyebrow shape.

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2. Choose the right eyebrow color

Eyebrows color has a great influence on the fortune of the face. A pair of eyebrows that are too dark, too light or do not match the hair color will lose the beauty of the face. To simplify, the eyebrow color just needs to choose according to the formula:

beautiful eyebrow tutorial
Choose the right eyebrow color
  • With dark hair: you should draw eyebrows with a color that is one tone lighter than the hair color.
  • With light hair color: you should choose an eyebrow color one tone darker than your hair to help your face harmonize and match your face better.

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3. Trim eyebrows

beautiful eyebrow tutorial
Trimming eyebrows

After choosing the eyebrow shape, you should trim the hairs that grow out of place – those that grow too high, too low or too long. Tweezers or an eyebrow razor can be used to remove these out-of-order hairs.

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4. Locate the points

After choosing the eyebrow shape, you determine the points very simply:

beautiful and feng shui eyebrows
Locate the points
  • From the wing of the nose, measure perpendicular to the top of the eyebrow called the tip of the eyebrow (point A). 
  • From the side of the nose measuring diagonally to the human heart is the top of the eyebrow (point C).   
  • From the side of the nose measured diagonally to the tail of the eye is the end of the eyebrow tail (point B).

You adjust the up and down points to suit your foot shape

you best.

How to draw eyebrows step by step

  • Step 1: Draw the outline according to the selected eyebrow shape

After determining the three most important points, you use the eyebrow pencil to define the eyebrow shape by connecting the three points A, B, C to create the upper line.

beautiful and feng shui eyebrows
Steps to draw beautiful eyebrows

Next determine the width between the two eyebrow lines to draw the lower line.

  • Step 2: Color your eyebrows

Use an eyebrow pencil to gently fill in the drawn eyebrow shape. For thin and light places, it is recommended to apply a darker color so that the eyebrows are dark, clear and evenly colored and look the most natural.

  • Step 3: Apply mascara

Applying mascara will help eyebrows stay longer, creating thicker and more defined eyebrows. Then add some highlighter or concealer around the brow line to highlight your brows.

One note, you should leave the tip of the eyebrow lighter than the tail so that the eyebrows are most natural.

In order to draw a beautiful and feng shui eyebrow, in addition to choosing the right eyebrow shape and color, you need to persistently practice the skills of shaping and painting eyebrows every day. When you have mastered the drawing of eyebrows, you will find that owning a beautiful eyebrow is a very simple thing. Hope this article will be useful to you, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Wish you have a beautiful eyebrows!

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