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The Best Sensitive Skin Care Guide

Sensitive skin It is considered the most "difficult" skin of all skin types. Not only fragile, easily irritated with external influences, but this skin is also very difficult to use cosmetics. In addition, to effectively control and restore sensitive skin, you need to be very careful and gentle in the steps. skincare.

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What is sensitive skin?

What is sensitive skin?
Sensitive skin

A skin is considered sensitive when the lipid membrane lip (also known as the protective layer of the skin from harmful factors from the environment) weakened and inefficient. Since then, the skin is more susceptible to irritation by negative external influences than other skin types. In particular, sensitive skin is very easily irritated with alcohol and fragrances, so it is extremely difficult to find a suitable skin care product.

Symptoms of sensitive skin

If over a long period of time, your skin is often dry, flaky and often irritated, it is most likely a manifestation of sensitive skin. Miss Tram would like to take a look at some of the most specific and obvious expressions of the lane sensitive skin:

  • Acne-prone skin, acne prone to inflammation and very reactive to acne products. The skin can be very oily, and it can also be very dry.
  • The skin always feels itchy, uncomfortable and often red and red.
  • The weather changes, the skin also shows signs of irritation such as allergic manifestations such as rashes, urticaria.
  • The surface of the skin is very thin, and blood threads can be seen.
  • The skin is prone to tiny whiteheads, accompanied by red patches when using cosmetics on the skin.
Symptoms of sensitive skin
Symptoms of sensitive skin

How to effectively control and care for sensitive skin

There are many cases of sensitive skin from birth, but most of the causes of sensitive skin are due to too much impact by negative factors from both outside (environment, sunlight, cosmetics, dust or smoke). improper skin care) and inside (long-term stress, insomnia, lack of nutrition, endocrine disorders, ...). Therefore, to effectively improve your skin, you need to have a very careful skin care regimen:

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Careful selection of cosmetic lines

Choose cosmetics for sensitive skin
Carefully selected cosmetic lines suitable for sensitive skin da

How to choose skin care cosmetics is considered the most important factor with sensitive skin. Most sensitive skin is allergic to alcohol and fragrances – so when choosing any cosmetic, you need to stay away from these ingredients. A few points Miss Tram wants you to note:

  • When choosing cosmetics, pay attention to the first 5 ingredients in the ingredient list – these are the main ingredients and the latter are usually in low concentrations and usually do not cause significant irritation to the skin.
  • Test the product on a small area of ​​skin under your chin, or behind your ears, and wait for at least 48 hours to see its reaction. 
  • It is recommended to use mini-size products for ease of trial and change.
  • Prioritize choosing products specifically for sensitive skin – most cosmetic brands have product lines specifically for this difficult skin.

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Proper exfoliation for sensitive skin

Proper exfoliation for sensitive skin
Proper exfoliation for sensitive skin

Exfoliate dead skin is a very essential skin care step, helping to remove the dead cells and stubborn dirt, supporting skin care steps in the most effective way. However, with sensitive skin, you need to be very careful in choosing to use these skin cleansing products:

  • Do not use granular exfoliants – the granular texture and frictional movement of the exfoliator can cause damage and irritation.
  • Low-dose salicylic acid, AHA exfoliants are usually a good choice for people with sensitive skin, but test it out before using on your entire face.
  • Do not exfoliate too many times, you only need to do this cleaning step once a week is enough.

Should minimize skin care steps

The sensitive skin is quite fragile and easily irritated with cosmetics. Therefore, during this time, you need to minimize skin care steps, limit the use of special products to avoid irritation and weakened skin.

You just need to make sure your skin is cleansed, moisturized and protected from the sun every day. The process of applying the cream must also be very gentle, applying thin layers so that the nutrients penetrate deep into the skin.

Always protect your skin from the sun

Sunscreen for sensitive skin
Always protect your skin from the sun

UV rays have a huge impact on the structure and resistance of the skin. Therefore, if you do not use sunscreen daily, your skin condition will become more and more sensitive.

You should choose mineral-based sunscreen because these ingredients will not cause allergies. In addition, you can also choose a sunscreen containing titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to ensure the safest and most suitable for sensitive skin.

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Choosing the right natural skin care ingredients for sensitive skin

How to take care of sensitive skin
Choosing the right natural skin care ingredients for sensitive skin

Using natural ingredients for skin care is chosen by many women, and so is those with sensitive skin. Because these ingredients are not only benign, safe but also very effective. However, you also need to keep a few points in mind:

  • You need to choose the right ingredients for your current skin condition (Sensitive but good oily skin dry skin? Do you have acne or not?… ). 
  • Limit the use of ingredients with strong bleaching properties such as lemon, apple cider vinegar, garlic, fresh turmeric, etc. 
  • Priority should be given to the use of benign ingredients such as: honey, oats, yogurt, eggs, etc.

In addition to thorough skin care at home, you can rely on professional skin care treatments to improve sensitive skin safely and faster. 

Proper care for sensitive skin
Skin regeneration with Salmon DNA Electrophoresis

At Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center, one of the most chosen procedures by customers is Skin regeneration with Salmon DNA Electrophoresis. This is a method to promote skin regeneration, helping the skin to be rejuvenated and shiny thanks to the PDRN (polydeoxyribonucleotide) component in salmon DNA essence. Skin Regeneration with Salmon DNA Electrophoresis brings many great benefits to the skin:

  • Proliferation collagen Elastin helps keep skin healthy and elastic.
  • Salmon DNA helps whiten and smooth skin, remove scars, redness...
  • Improves firmness on the skin, bringing youthfulness to the skin.

In particular, salmon DNA essence extracted from nature should be completely benign and suitable for sensitive skin.

The above are the share of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center about the notes to properly care for sensitive skin. To control and restore sensitive skin quickly, in addition to establishing a strict skincare routine, you need to combine nourishing healthy skin from the inside. Besides, always carefully choose ingredients, skin care products, and especially stay away from ingredients that contain alcohol and fragrance. Hope this article will be useful to you. Wish you always have a beautiful healthy skin!

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