Instructions for Applying Ointment After Spraying Lips Correctly Ideas

Instructions for Apply Ointment After Spraying Lips Correctly

Spray lips Is one lip aesthetic method Modern and popular with many women at the present time. The success of lip spray depends largely on lip spray technology, ink quality, expert workmanship and post-injection lip care. One of the following lip care steps is the application of ointment. So apply ointment how is the right way? Let's find out through the following article of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center ok

Instructions for Apply Ointment After Spraying Lips Correctly

Why apply ointment after spraying lips?

Learn about lip spray

Lip spray is a lip beautifying technique that helps women own pink and smooth lips naturally without having to use any lipstick. The essence of lip spray is the process of impacting the micro needles on the top epidermis of the skin, bringing the ink color deep without creating the feeling of thick, dry or stiff lips. After spraying the lips, you need to have a special care regimen so that the lip color is up to standard and the color fastness is prolonged.

This is a popular lip beautification method and is favored by many women because it can overcome many disadvantages of the lips such as dark lips, uneven lips, pale lips.

Depending on many factors such as lip spray technology, ink color, professional skills, individual location and post-spray care, the color fastness of lips lasts from 2 to 3 years. (Refer to tips Moisturize lips with easy-to-find ingredients you must know).

Why apply ointment after lip spray?

Ointment is a mixture of drug and fat, which has the effect of covering the surface of the skin and mucous membranes to help support the skin recovery process quickly and limit the formation of unwanted scars.

Instructions for applying ointment after spraying lips
Apply ointment after spraying to moisturize and smooth lips

After spraying the lips, the lips will be very sensitive, weak and need care. The use of ointments not only protects the lips from environmental influences, but also helps the lips to dry quickly, quickly scab and to have a beautiful natural color. Therefore, this is an indispensable step in the lip care process after spraying.

Apply ointment after spraying lips properly

The application of ointment after spraying the lips is divided into 2 stages:

Stage 1: When applying lip spray until lips peel off scabs

Apply ointment when applying lip spray until lips peel off
Apply ointment when applying lip spray until lips peel off

After the lips are dry and the peeling process begins, you need to apply the ointment very gently, avoiding damage to the lips. At this stage, you need to apply the right type of specialized ointment according to the instructions of the specialist, do not arbitrarily apply miscellaneous drugs according to your feelings. Need to apply 3 times a day with a very thin amount of cream and maintain daily until the lips are completely peeled off.

Stage 2: After the lips are completely peeled off

Apply ointment after the lips are completely peeled off
Apply ointment after the lips are completely peeled off

When all the scabs are peeled off, the lips begin the process of coloration – this stage you need to carefully moisturize your lips because it will affect the result on the standard color or not. You can replace specialized ointments with other ointments such as vaseline, lip balm, natural oils (these products will have a better moisturizing effect than specialized ointments).

This process also needs to be done regularly during the day to provide moisture to the lips, to avoid dry, chapped lips and the wrong color chosen. (Do you know Causes of dry lips - Listen to the sharing from today's leading experts).

Notes after spraying lips

After spraying lips, in addition to applying ointment, you need to note the following points to take care of your lips in the best way:

1/ You should take some of the following drugs to help fight bacteria and protect your lips from the effects of the environment:

  • Cephalexin 500mg has an antibacterial effect that helps protect the lips from a number of adverse environmental factors.
  • Alpha Choay is effective in reducing edema after trauma or surgery.
  • Vitamin C provides nutrients for lips to be more rosy and soft.
  • Acyclovir 200mg has the effect of preventing reinfection, weakening the immune system.

Depending on the condition of the lips, it is necessary to use oral drugs for 3-5 days and take them according to the doctor's prescription - avoiding the wrong use of drugs, causing counterproductive effects.

Pay attention to lip care after spraying
Pay attention to lip care after spraying

2/ Increase the intake of beverages containing a lot of vitamins A and C (such as coconut water, pineapple juice, carrot juice, tomato juice) and eat more vegetables and fruits to help lips become smoother.

3/ Abstain from stimulant drinks such as alcohol, coffee, carbonated drinks ...

4 / Abstain from eating hard, difficult foods in the first days - these foods make the lips work a lot.

5 / Limit hot spicy foods, dark spices (especially soy sauce) - affect the lip color process.

6/ Avoid foods that affect wound healing such as seafood, water spinach, sticky rice, beef, etc.

7/ Clean your lips after eating and drinking and always wear a lip protection mask when going out.

Job lip care after spraying is very important, if not taken care of properly will make the lips not colored as desired, may even cause the lips to be scarred or damaged. Hope the above sharing will be useful for you. Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Wish you have a beautiful lips like you want! (Refer Homemade lip scrub recipe The easiest).

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